Why You Should Include Online Video In Your Marketing Strategy!

Online VideoOnline Video Represents A Major Shift In Communication.

If You Don’t Think So, Then Consider This. YouTube Is An Online Video Platform. Plus It Is The Number Two Search Engine!

Furthermore, Research What The Communications Giant Cisco Has To Say About Online Video. Am I Making My Point?

IntroductionThe realm of advertising and marketing has evolved. So it has shifted away from the traditional methods. You convey your message to a targeted audience. This form of  promotion is called inbound marketing. The goal is discovery. You position your business so that individuals can find your products or services. They find your site through online video.

This is a novel type of promotion. It embraces the concepts of attraction marketing. Cost-effectiveness is an underlying benefit. Therefore it is easier to assign your marketing resources. Traditional marketing methods are much more expensive. Businesses must have promotional budgets that are large. As a result, you are now able to compete. This is the case even if you have a small operation. You can stand next to well known brands. .

Inbound marketing needs to be effective. Three key components must be present in your promotional campaign. You must have (1) content that is impressive. You must have (2) search engine optimization that is effective. And you must have (3) social media that emphasizes your online presence. Add online video to this mix and you have the ingredients for a powerful campaign!

Impressive Content.

PowerfulOnline video is by far the most powerful communication method. That is because it produces an emotional based reaction. Consider Dr. James McQuivey’s statement. He is the Vice President and Principal Analyst of Forrester Research. He indicated that one minute of video is equivalent to over 1.8 million words! That is a vast difference. Video content trumps written!

Your message attracts your potential customer. This is especially so today. Because a lot information is irrelevant. Online video enhances your ability to achieve interest. So people can quickly recognize your product or service. It provides an air of vibrancy. You can convey a clear message. This prompts your prospects to view. Therefore they are more likely to take action!

Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Online video directly assists you. It does so by giving you an advantage over your competition. Consider the results generated by organic searches. Video clips lead the way! In fact, your focus should be on video content. It offers your viewer a rewarding experience. Plus Google will reward you! The Panda and Penguin updates rank well-produced videos. So take advantage of this fact!

As the popularity of video content grows, Google places more emphasis on this communication method. Forrester Research has indicated the following: A given video is fifty three times more likely to make it to Google’s first page, then written content. aimClear noted that video clips have a 41% increased click through rate than basic text. So this is another reason to use this medium.

Social Media.

Social MediaThe social networks have changed the marketing playing field. So you are now able to engage your prospects. That leads to customers. The online video aspect makes this easier. As a result you can accomplish this at a proficient level! So you can provide your target audience with visual content that is persuasive. This improves your bottom line!

Video adds to your viewer’s social experience. Plus it allows you to deliver a branded message. So you are able to attract your viewer. And you get the attention of your prospect. Therefore you are able to maintain customer engagement. This increases awareness of your brand. So it really gives you a large scope. And you have the ability to establish several goals. It is the best communication method by far! 

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Demonstrate Gratitude Using Video! It Is Better Than A Note! (See Video)

Demonstrate GratitudeShow Your Gratitude By Extending A Simple Thank-You. Because Individuals Appreciate That In All Settings. 

That Applies To Both Social And Business Encounters. So You Should  Ensure That You Extend A Simple Thank-You Whenever The Occasion Warrants It!

One Such Situation Where You Would Demonstrate Gratitude Is Right After A Job Interview. Now Add Video To This Scenario!

The image above is that of my daughter. She was twenty one at the time. And she had just graduated from university with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. In her initial quest to find a job she had an informal interview over the phone. The lady she spoke with had never met her. Danielle thanked the lady afterwards. But she did this via video email! This is a great way to demonstrate gratitude! Watch the actual video. Then consider the five points.below.

Respect1) You Demonstrate Respect And Courtesy.

It is human nature to simply forget to demonstrate gratitude. So if you send a simple thank-you right after an interview, it is powerful! Because it conveys to the interviewer that you are appreciative. Now imagine conveying this appreciation through a video email like the one above!

Stand Out2) You Stand Out In Front Of Your Rivals.

Many job seekers forget to say thank you. But one should show appreciation to the person who conducted the interview. Because this presents a major opportunity! Plus you position yourself to stand out in front of your competition by extending a thank-you. So sending a video email trumps a written note!

Key Talent3) You Can Emphasize A Key Talent.

The situation may arise were you neglect to state a given talent. So follow up with a video clip. It gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. A video email improves your ability to mention this talent. Plus it can be very brief. So the point is, video content conveys more information!

Omission4) You Can Point Out Interview Omissions.

Now this did not happen with my daughter. But sometimes there may be something that you forgot to say in the interview. You may even feel a little frustrated by it. So a follow up thank-you can include the omission. A video will highlight this aspect. Because it is far more dramatic!

Communication5) You Exhibit Your Communication Abilities.

A video carries weight. It does so in terms of influence. It helps you in a indirect manner. You can improve your public speaking. In fact you can practice your diction and enunciation. Use the video email platform to do this! If you have this quality it does not hurt you! And you increase your employment chances.

So Always Be Aware Of The Power Of A Simple Thank-You! Demonstrate Gratitude With Video!

Note what happened after the lady spoke to my daughter. She purchased the video based platform that Danielle uses. However Danielle never mentioned anything about the platform. That is evident from her video. So this is an example of Attraction Marketing

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A Video Resume Stands Out More Than A Written One! (See Video)

Video ResumeA Video Resume May Not Be An Option That A Lot Of Recruitment Agencies Use.

In Fact, Many Of These Entities May Be Behind The Times. That is True In Terms Of Using The Video Resume Feature!

Recruitment Agency Or Not, Why Not Use This Feature Yourself. It Will Trump Your Competition! So Impress Your Audience With A Video Resume!

This Company Is Catching On.

StrategySeveral recruitment agencies are requesting video resumes from job seekers. The Canadian company, Actyl, is one such recruitment agency. And they are using this strategy. First they supply job hopefuls with a script. Then they record an initial draft. Then they edit that version. Once done, one has a polished video resume.

Now you may ask what does one say in the video. The answer is simple. You provide the same details that you would in a written resume. However, with a video you are able to establish an emotional link. That is your objective. You do this by conveying a relaxed manner and appearing confident.

Believe In Your Strengths. 

ComponentsYou must start by having a strong belief in yourself. It is one of the key components in portraying confidence. You must convey that you are the best applicant for the position in question. It is no good if you do not believe that. The company won’t believe it either if you don’t! So you must convey this element.

So they encourage candidates to create an enthusiastic presentation. Because highlighting their talents and previous employment does not accomplish this alone! You must demonstrate passion and energy. Your personality needs to shine through. You can get an idea from the following clip:

The Actual Ingredients Needed.

ActualThe above clip is not an exact example of a video resume. However it demonstrates some of the actual ingredients. I make reference to them in the previous paragraph. The video is one of my daughter, Danielle. It does represent an actual situation. And it occurred right after she graduated from university.

I also referred to this same video in another article. That post is about sending a simple thank-you. So this is just another component that can be present. As stated one conveys a number of aspects. The video highlights all of them. Of course, I am quite proud of her too! That is apparent from my writing, not the video.

What You Should Convey.

ConveyA video resume should begin as follows. The applicant states his or her name. The person should convey their overall objective. Then he or she should reference their academic qualifications. One should also refer to any relevant job experience. The opening statement should be attention getting. That is the case right from the start.

The individual should indicate other key experiences too. They should point out why they are the ideal candidate for the job. Note that the emotional connection happens as one conveys this information. One also demonstrates their ability to speak clearly. One should make sure to back up all comments with written statements.

What You Should Point Out.

Be AwareCertain things are immediately apparent. That is one of the benefits you get from a video. In this case you can see that the person is young. The person looks like someone who has recently graduated from college. One could draw another visual conclusion too. The number years this person has worked must be minimal! 

The person in the video should be aware of this. He or she should display their strengths. They should highlight what they bring to the table. He or she should refer to aspects that are relevant. Age and experience should factor into these aspects. Exaggeration is out of the question! Video and written content should be in sync.

The Ultimate Platform To Use.

UltimateNow this article is not just directed at recruitment agencies. However there is nothing preventing an individual from doing this on their own. One can certainly practice these skills at their leisure. Remember practice makes perfect! Simply turn on the camera and start. Produce a video resume that you can send anywhere!

I happen to use an excellent video based platform. Talk Fusion is its name. The video email feature that they offer is second to none. You should consider the information just below too. That platform provides some very good guidelines. It will compliment your video marketing arsenal.

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Create Effective Video Marketing Campaigns With Six Key Video Tips!

Video TipsDo You Need A Few Video Tips To Relaunch Your Web Based Marketing Campaigns?

If So, There Are Some Key Video Tips That You Should Understand And Ultimately Deploy!

Consider The Six Video Tips In This Article And Produce Some Engaging Campaigns!

1) Recognize Who Your Viewers Are And Where To Locate Them.

Your ViewersThis first point represents one of six video tips.  This aspect is about the shift of mass communication and the way it is now done. More individuals use video content today. Plus it is moving away from the big screen to the small. This also lends itself to a more personalized approach. Therefore, it is important to know who you are communicating with. You must engage your audience immediately with the first video clip! Then you should target your viewers with timely video messages. The messages must resonate with your audience.

2) Make Sure That Your Video Clips Are Concise And To The Point!

BrevityProducing effective content does not mean that you have produce a full length feature film! Some first time marketers adopt this approach. The estimated time a given clip runs is their concern. They are fearful of omitting some essential information and the tendency is to increase the estimated time frame. One needs to be aware that video conveys far more information than text. Of all the video tips listed here, remember that less is more! Keep the average time to one minute approximately.

3) Video Content Is The Beginning Of A Dialogue, Not The Conclusion!

Video Content DialogueYou should always bear this mind. Therefore you should keep your clips concise and to the point. When a viewer is watching an online video, it is very easy for that person to be distracted. However, this communication method facilitates following up. So you have the option of creating a sequence of content. Plus it is easy to accomplish but captivating at the same time. Your initial clip should open the dialogue. Then you have your viewer assess subsequent information. This content is either visual and written!

4) You Should Develop Video Content For Various Small Screens.

Small ScreenIf you happen to already have made-for-television content that is fine. However, it can be problematic attempting to redesign it for computer monitors and other small screens. However these video tips always apply regarding the creation of any excellent layout. But you undermine larger scale productions dependent on the details.That occurs when one adapts them to a much smaller scale. Ultimately, your objective is to capture your viewer’s interest with proper design and animation.

5) Video Sharing Is Ideal But You Want To Ensure Targeted Sharing!

Targeted SharingThere will always be a sense of accomplishment if you happen to produce video content. That certainly is the case if it is excellent and attracts a huge number of views and likes. But remember popularity is not your primary objective! Reaching your targeted audience is! So if you are reaching a large number of people who happily share your videos. that is great. But if they do nothing else, you are wasting your efforts! Your content should be engaging but developed in such a manner that your viewer takes a specific action!

6) If You Are Promoting Something For Purchase, Make It Accessible!

AccessibiltyOn a final note, video is simply the best way to communicate! So it does not matter whether you are conveying a point of view or selling something! In the latter case, you will need a little more structure. Therefore you need to create an effective route. That path is from your video clips to your product or service. This ties in with point three above. Video simply represents the beginning of the engagement. Captivating follow up messages direct your viewers to become your customers!

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