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Other Ways That You Can Reach Me.

You can email me directly at or call me on my cell (441) 335-7977. Or you can also reach me on Skype. My handle is “emanonfmf“. If you would like for me to call you, email me indicating a time. Let me know if that is convenient for you and I will contact you accordingly. Please specify phone or Skype!

So Feel Free To Get In Touch With Me!

Certainly contact me if you have specific questions or comments. I welcome constructive discussion and I’m always keen to exchange ideas about online communication. Because healthy exchange in this arena is always mutually beneficial. So I am most happy to discuss any aspect of your direct selling efforts with you.

This Is A Continuous Balancing Act!  

The components surrounding internet marketing are not static. Because these elements are changing all the the time. The successful online marketer always remains vigilant. You can visualize this aspect by imagining a surfer. As the wave moves and changes the surfer must continuously adjust his body in order to stay upright.

It Is Fun And You Can Really Enjoy This!  

In any case although this journey is challenging, ultimately you should find it rewarding. So do not expect it to be easy. This will lead to failure. Therefore adjust your expectations appropriately. Approach internet marketing and direct selling much like the surfer described in the previous paragraph. Consistent balance is the best approach!

 Ultimately You Must Be A People Person

When you really think about direct selling it is about people and relationships. Hence, another name for it is relationship marketing. But this aspect is applicable to any form of business. At the end of the day, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. You must establish relationships first so let’s meet. Contact me!

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