I Define Poverty As Having A Job! Network Marketing Counters That!

Define PovertyHow Do Define Poverty? Do You View It As An Unfortunate Condition?

Or Do You Define Poverty As Something That Is A Necessary Part Of Life?

Perhaps There Are Numerous Definitions! But Here In The Western World, I Define Poverty As Being In A Particular State Of Mind!

Poverty Of The MindIn the event that you define poverty as a physical circumstance, I will agree. However, I disagree if you view it as strictly physical! Mind you we see images of abject poverty every day. However, that kind of poverty is mainly prevalent in a lot of third world countries. For the majority of us who reside in traditional western cultures, poverty is a condition that resides in our heads! I sometimes wonder if this kind of poverty is worse then the latter!

Mental HealthIn many third world countries poverty does not mean the lack of happiness! We are likely to see many more unhappy situations in our western cultures. For instance we see far more instances of suicides! How many stories have we read where this has affected the extremely wealthy. I propose that we all see a lot of the poverty stricken situations in these so-called advanced nations. But they stem from poor mental states or psychological deficiencies!

I Suggest That The Inner Workings Of Your Mind Define Poverty, Or Not!

Stuck Trading Time For MoneyYou might ask what is an example of a poor mental state in the western world. I would say failing to take action in terms of your financial success is a perfect illustration. Most people have bosses who tell them what to do. They have to rely on the innovative spirit of someone else in order to derive monetary benefit. In other words they need a boss! They can cannot elevate themselves above receiving a paycheck. They trade time for money! 

Robotic MotionsI imagine that many folk who fall into this category don’t even stop to analyze their situations. They go through the typical, robotic motions of an employee, every day. I regard this situation as modern day slavery! I have to smile when I hear people who exist this way describe their every day lives as “busy”! What do they think that they are busy doing? I bet they never stop to think that they are fulfilling the dreams of their employer, not their own!

Consider A Possible Escape Route If You Define Poverty As Follows!

Work Smarter Not HarderNow does the following description apply to you? If that is a content yes, the fact that you have read this far is surprising! But I also suggest that you are probably wanting to break out of this mold! It does mean reinventing how you perceive your existence. It will entail work but you are already “working” at a life-sucking job. You just need to make a transition in terms of your work ethic!  Move from a fixed income to leveraged!  It is the smart thing to do.

I love Twisting Your Arm NotIt is not my intention to promote a lot of things on my website. So you won’t find me twisting your arm or forcing you to purchase anything. Helping individuals who wish to change their financial existence is my goal. So my approach is systematic. I encourage my readers to start off by understanding the “how” and the “why” aspects of network marketing. You can begin to do so by reviewing the information highlighted just below. These platforms will direct you towards financial success.  

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