Demonstrate Gratitude Using Video! It Is Better Than A Note! (See Video)

Demonstrate GratitudeShow Your Gratitude By Extending A Simple Thank-You. Because Individuals Appreciate That In All Settings. 

That Applies To Both Social And Business Encounters. So You Should  Ensure That You Extend A Simple Thank-You Whenever The Occasion Warrants It!

One Such Situation Where You Would Demonstrate Gratitude Is Right After A Job Interview. Now Add Video To This Scenario!

The image above is that of my daughter. She was twenty one at the time. And she had just graduated from university with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. In her initial quest to find a job she had an informal interview over the phone. The lady she spoke with had never met her. Danielle thanked the lady afterwards. But she did this via a video email! This is a great way to demonstrate gratitude! Watch the actual video. Then consider the five points.below.

Respect1) You Demonstrate Respect And Courtesy.

It is human nature to simply forget to demonstrate gratitude. So if you send a simple thank-you right after an interview, it is powerful! Because it conveys to the interviewer that you are appreciative. Now imagine conveying this appreciation through a video email like the one above!

Stand Out2) You Stand Out In Front Of Your Rivals.

Many job seekers forget to say thank you. But one should show appreciation to the person who conducted the interview. Because this presents a major opportunity! Plus you position yourself to stand out in front of your competition by extending a thank-you. So sending a video email trumps a written note!

Key Talent3) You Can Emphasize A Key Talent.

The situation may arise were you neglect to state a given talent. So follow up with a video clip. It gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. A video email improves your ability to mention this talent. Plus it can be very brief. So the point is, video content conveys more information!

Omission4) You Can Point Out Interview Omissions.

Now this did not happen with my daughter. But sometimes there may be something that you forgot to say in the interview. You may even feel a little frustrated by it. So a follow up thank-you can include the omission. A video will highlight this aspect. Because it is far more dramatic!

Communication5) You Exhibit Your Communication Abilities.

A video carries weight. It does so in terms of influence. It helps you in a indirect manner. You can improve your public speaking. In fact you can practice your diction and enunciation. Use the video email platform to do this! If you have this quality it does not hurt you! And you increase your employment chances.

So Always Be Aware Of The Power Of A Simple Thank-You! Demonstrate Gratitude With Video!

Note what happened after the lady spoke to my daughter. She purchased the video based platform that Danielle uses. However Danielle never mentioned anything about the platform. That is evident from her video. So this is an example of Attraction Marketing

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