Start Driving Traffic To Your Website With Effective Blogging! (See Video)

Effective BloggingWhen You Think Of Effective Blogging Does The Idea Seem Tedious?

Because If You Are Marketing Online, Effective Blogging Is A MUST!

Read The Following Six Tips For Effective Blogging. Plus Watch The Video After The First Paragraph. That Clip Gives An Overview Of What A Blog Is.

1) Persuasive Headline.

Persuasive HeadlineResearch indicates that the ratio of people who read a headline versus the entire article is five to one! So your article title makes up eighty percent of effective blogging! You need to put some thought into this. That does not mean you need to know rocket science. You merely have to be a little imaginative. If your title has no appeal, than you will have no readers! So concentrate on this aspect as you craft your article.

2) Opening Paragraph

Exciting Opening Paragraph

By the same token, you need to make your lead paragraph equally captivating. Make sure that you establish the main point of your article here too. I do this by highlighting my keyword or phrase. If you are slow off the mark presenting the main topic, your reader will vanish too! So I also sometimes include a video. I place it just before or just after the first paragraph in most cases. And I make mention of the video in the title. 

3) Linked Picture.

Linked ImagesMake sure that you use captivating imagery. The pictures should make a point and also be relevant. I derive a lot of my images from Bing which I usually attach to each paragraph. I also look for a keyword or phrase.Then I search for an image using that word or term. Note that I don’t necessarily link all of my images. So I mention the ones that have links. Or you can determine that by placing your cursor over the image.

4) Individual Experiences

Share Your StoryDon’t be afraid to include personal experiences. This adds the human element to your post. Readers appreciate transparency and honesty. Making a point this way gives the overall article depth. You don’t have to overload your post with personal references. Just touch on something that may be slightly relevant to the article. Plus it is not surprising if these articles are your most popular. And note that is a good thing!

5) The Primary Body.

Primary BodyEven though I don’t do this in every article, effective blogging entails making numbered bullet points. From a technical point of view it makes the information stand out. It actually makes the key points in a given post more available to one’s readers. Make sure that you include this process where it may be applicable. You want your readers to read your posts and share them on the social networks. That increases your visibility.

6) Conversation Question

Invite Your ReadersInvite your readers to make comments. You don’t want your posts to come across as one-sided commentaries. This form of engagement also helps to rank your site! You can also encourage your readers to share your content. So on that note feel free to leave a comment. I would love to get your opinion. Plus please post this article and any others that you have enjoyed reading using the buttons below.

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