Use Yoast To Arrive At The Correct Keyword Density And More!

Keyword DensityKeyword Density Is A Critical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Component.

So If You Do Not Know The Meaning Of The Term And You Have Questions, Read On!

Understand What Keyword Density Is, Then Learn How To Arrive At The Correct Percentage.

1) Definition.

Keyword PercentageKeyword density represents the number of times that a given word or phrase appears in an article. The number represents a calculated percentage. So it is a measurement against the total number of words that appear in a given article. Keyword density determines the SEO relevancy of a post. If the word appears to few times in the post it is not relevant according to the search engines. If you use it too many times you are guilty of “spamming”. So the post will incur penalties.

2) History.

HistoryOne use to calculate the optimum density in the past manually. At that point in time one to three percent was an appropriate percentage for the search engines. So consider an article that contained 400 words. If the keyword appeared four times the density would be 1% for that one word. Therefore if we were considering a keyword phrase that contained three words, the density would be 3%. This is assuming we are using the same overall word count of 400 words.

3) Present.

Present DayNow don’t feel you have to fully understand the mathematics behind this. Because the days of manual calculations are over. All of this is automatically calculated for you in your back-office when you compose an article. I am specifically referring to WordPress as well. This is the most popular platform for websites and blogs. Research the platform if you are not familiar with it. Two years ago I had no clue how to use it. I am pretty adapt now. So I know you can achieve this as well!

4) SEO By Yoast

SEO By YoastWordPress provides you with numerous plug-ins. They assist you with creating a high performance site. “SEO By Yoast” is one of those plug-ins. And it is free. It does all of your keyword density calculations for you. In fact it goes a lot further than that. You just make the appropriate adjustments to fully optimize your article. The following screen shots show before and after situations for this post. The keyword is “keyword density“. You want to see a green light next to this category, plus all the others!


Keyword Density Chart 1


Keyword Density Chart 2

Keyword Density Is Now A Breeze To Achieve! The Next Thing That You Want To Add To This Process Is Video Content And Ultimately Traffic To Your Posts. Use The CashBlurbs Platform To Accomplish This!

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