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Sprung Structures

Sprung Structures

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Sprung Structures

A Novel Building Concept 

Sprung Instant SructuresThe owner’s of this building concept conceived it in 1887. It started out with the production of canvas products. These products included wall tents, mattresses and chuck-wagon covers. This development became synonymous with the North American west. So now these modern day Sprung structures connect the Sprung family and the term “innovative enclosures“. They provide you with a novel option to build. And this has been in the making for well over a century now. 

A Long Family Tradition

Family TraditionIt all began with the need for tough canvas. This fabric had to stand up to the tough elements of a changing world. That original concept has now eclipsed what the original Sprung founders could ever have conceived. So this proud family tradition continues today using the latest technologies. No one understands fabric like Sprung. Their structures are long-lasting and high-performing. And they can meet a variety of needs. In addition they are adaptable to just about any climate, design and budget.

Technological Advances

Research & DevelopmentThe Sprung family has technology as its center piece. So the company has invested significantly in research and development. That has resulted in structures that are eco-friendly in a natural way. Materials used in the manufacturing and the construction process adhere to international standards. The company has designed these structures with “green technologies” in mind. So Sprung structures contribute to the global footprint. In addition you can relocate and reuse them several times. And that’s just part of the story.

Environmental Standards

Environmental FriendlyWhen erecting these structures you will only generate minimum quantities of landfill or construction waste. Therefore in choosing to build with Sprung, you are making a wise decision. Plus you will erect a structure that can generate support for LEED® certification. So that means that an international group will recognize your structure. Plus they will note the building strategies for health and environmental performance. To this end the company even offers daylight panels and windows. 

World Wide Applications 

World WideAt present hundreds of different applications use this building concept. In fact well over 12,000 structures are in use. So you will find Sprung structures all over the world in over 100 countries. In addition some of the world’s leading organizations utilize them.  The company is now 130 years old plus and continues to expand its vision. Click any of the small images  in this post to access the Sprung website. Once again you can also watch a short video by clicking here. Or click the image at the beginning of this post.

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