Effective Writing Is Not Difficult! Marketing Online Without It Is!

Effective WritingDo You Have Effective Writing Skills?

Because If You Don’t, You Will Need Effective Writing Techniques For Successful Internet Marketing!

Your Objective Is To Attract Traffic To Your Site! So HoneYour Effective Writing Approach With The Following Five Tips:

1) Make Your Articles Concise.

Keep It ShortBeing somewhat of a perfectionist, I thought effective writing meant composing posts that were at least 500 words long. Now I have reduced this compliment down to 300. So by the time I input my headers this number usually drifts up to around 400. This target is quite adequate in terms of creating entertaining and informative posts. So this strategy is a good one to follow.

2) Your Paragraphs Should Be Brief.

Short ParagraphYou may think that you have to count the number of sentences in a given paragraph. That is not necessary. Look at the number of lines. Your goal is to try and keep to this to a minimum. That means 3 or 4 and no more than 6. If you exceed that upper number the paragraph will look complicated. And tedious looking content will drive your readers away! Compare this suggestion to a typical newspaper article to see what I mean.

3) Brevity Applies To Sentences Too

Short SentencesLong sentences are another way to lose your readers. They confuse the point that you are attempting to make. That makes your overall information hard to understand. Full-stops indicate an end and a new beginning. Your reader will feel that he or she is progressing through your post. Brief sentences enable one to read the content quickly. So always avoid creating complex sentences that are also too long. 

4) Utilize Easy-To-Follow Words.

Small WordsNow I most enjoy the scope of the English language. As a result I have to guard against using so-called big words. I have to remember that I’m not the audience. That is not to suggest that people are illiterate either. English may not be one’s first language for example. Your objective is to convey information to your reader. This is not an exercise in demonstrating the extent of your vocabulary. So you want to make clear points.

5) Create Internal Links To Related Posts

Internal LinksOn a final note you can never say everything that you want to in one article. The simplest way to add information without contradicting the idea of brevity is to include links. If the topic requires more than 300 words break it down into a series of individual posts. Then link them. You can see that in action right here. I have made some other points regarding this overall topic in another post. You can click here to read them.

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