Avoid Omitting Four Key Steps When Posting Videos! (See Video)

Posting VideosPosting Videos Within Your Articles Is A Great Way To Enhance Your Overall Content!

However, You Need To Follow Some Parameters In Terms Of Posting Videos Correctly!

Consider The Following Four Guidelines When Posting Videos In Your Articles:

1) Indicate That You Have A Video In Your Article.

InformWhen you are posting videos in your written content you should inform your readers immediately! You can achieved this two ways. Place the word “Video” in your article title right at the beginning. I specifically type “See Video” as you will note in the title of this post. The second option is to pay attention to where you place your video. You should position it near the beginning of your article or above the fold. I usually embed my video at the end of my first paragraph. So for the most part, I do both!

Watch The Following Video Which Highlights The Points Made In This Article:

Video Courtesy Of Jay BaerFounder And AuthorAt Convince & Convert,
Featuring Rocky WallsCEO Of 12 Stars Media Productions.

2)  Make Sure That You Adjust The Size Of Your Video.

Size Matters

Another typical oversight is failing to optimize the video size. Note for example that YouTube provides some specific parameters when you embed video code on their site. In that scenario, you have the option of adjusting the width and the height. Specifically, you want your video width to be no wider than the blog column that you are placing it in. Find out what the width of the column is and adjust the video width to slightly less. You may have to experience some trial and error. Ultimately you will generate pleasing results when posting videos.

3) Be Sure To Include Some Sort Of Written Content

Written ContentQuite often you will come across blog posts that contain great video content. However, you will find no written description as to what you are about to view. That occurs in many situations. So the preferable approach to this scenario is to provide your viewer with a little context just before. Essentially, this can be a statement encouraging your site visitors to view the entire video. Place this introduction at the top of your video. At the bottom of the clip have a short summary. If the video clip is not your production, reference the author.

4) It Is Vital To Have A Call-To-Action In Your Article.

Call To ActionAs soon as you have completed the main content of your article, it is important to incorporate a call-to-action. Place this at the end of your post. The idea is not to have your reader saying to themselves, “Nice article so what now?” If this is the case you are wasting the reader’s time and yours! Your call-to-action can be an opt-in form or a banner. I have written a number of articles about posting videos. So have a look at one of the key video based platforms on the market today! That is my call-to-action! 

On That Note Review Product Overview In Terms Of Posting Videos. Increase Your Articles Dramatic Appeal. Plus Boost Traffic To Your Website. And Feel Free To Contact Me With Any Questions!

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Pitching Video Is A Great Online Marketing Strategy! Learn How!

Pitching VideoOne Often Associates The Word Pitch With Baseball! I Use To Pitch A Few Balls With My Son! Now, I’m Pitching Video!

To Be More Specific, Pitching Video Is A Process That Requires A Refined Approach!

Let’s Discuss The Art Of Pitching Video And Draw A Comparison To Baseball!

First Base.

First BaseWhen pitching video your first step is an introduction. The second is to state the reasons for your communication. Your goal is to capture the person’s attention within the first five seconds. For example, imagine that you are addressing an individual that you have previously met. Indicate this fact in your video pitch.

If you fail to accomplish this, your potential viewer will not watch the remainder of your clip. A simple but great way to open your introduction is to greet the person by their first name. This will always be attention getting. It generally does not come off as a marketing pitch either!

Second Base.

Second BaseFrom six seconds on, convey the essence of your video message. Remember that your viewer will always be concerned with what you are offering them. Are you able to satisfy that person’s needs? So you must demonstrate this throughout your video. If not, your prospect will move on to something else.

Highlight the value of what you are offering. Tell your viewer why he or she should consider it as a better option. Indicate how it might reduce costs. Plus you should demonstrate how to make a given process easier. Mention the time efficiency. Ultimately, make sure that you present facts. So convey them in a clear and concise manner.

Third Base.

Third BaseIf your viewer watches beyond five seconds, that is a good thing.  You have captured that person’s interest. But you need to provide them with some further assurances! You want them to feel that your offer is genuine. So make sure that your video includes examples that demonstrate your claims.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to add a few testimonials from other satisfied customers. Of course, the best testimonials should be video clips themselves! Another option is to provide your viewer with a case study. It could be a client who is now successful as a result of your offerings.

Home Plate.

Home PlateFinally end your video with a call-to-action. Note that this should not be a purchase request! Remember your prospect may be visiting your site for this first time! So you should focus on building a relationship at this stage. Internet marketing is not about creating invisible customers!

It is about establishing relationships. To be quite frank, I think the world wide web is a fantastic platform for doing just that! So approach pitching video in this manner. It definitely will lead to more success. Therefore, you should offer your viewer “free value“. On that note, review the video based platform below.

Pitching Video The Correct Way Will Lead To Hitting It Out Of The Park! So Enhance This With The Product Overview Applications And Take Your Video Marketing To A New Level. And Contact Me With Questions!

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Being Seen And Heard On The Web Means Having Online Visibility!

Online VisibilityDo You Or Your Business Platform Have Significant Online Visibility?

If Not, Why Bother Having A Website? Without Online Visibility Most People Simply Won’t Know That You Or Your Site Exists!

Improve Your Online Visibility Using The Tips Highlighted Below:

The Most Common Method. 

VisibilitySearch engine optimization is the primary way to increase your online visibility. This is done by creating short articles and generating customer comments. Both components increase the quantity of relevant keywords and phrases on your site. Increasing these elements contributes to boosting your overall Google page rank. This is approach is effective. But you must combine link building with this as well in order to maintain effectiveness. You do this through the social networking sites, blogs, and one-click advertisements.

Social Networking Sites.

Social Networking SitesWhether you are looking to brand yourself or your business, you should have pages on the following sites. So create a presence on FacebookMySpace, and LinkedIn. This gives you the best scope for promoting your site. It doesn’t matter who views your information but one click from whomever puts that person on your homepage. As more people visit your website your page rank increase. That is a guarantee. So increased page rank means that you have enhanced your online visibility. And enhancement means more engagement. 

Advertisements And Blogs.

Advertisement And BlogBoth of these items work together. In fact one of them supports the other. In this case one-click advertisements keep blogs in business. So provide an ad that gives the reader a brief description of your business. It is an excellent way to increase your online visibility. This is also achieved by evaluations done by others on different blogs. Even a negative assessment can be positive for your page rank! But your site derives a link in this case too. Using keywords in your own blog commenting is also a great way to improve your site rank. So make sure that you create links.

Use Google’s Platform Itself.

Google PlatformThis is also paramount in enhancing your online visibility. Understanding how to use their Analytics page is very important. Statistics revealing how people land on your site provide key information about the keywords and phrases that visitors use. Another great way to generate links using Google is to post your articles using the Bookmark platform. In addition you can also share your content on Google+. This definitely will help to increase your page rank also. So maybe it is time for you to start! Because online success is just around the corner!

Incorporate Video Content.

Video ImpactAll of the strategies mentioned above are important. Now add video communication. That means include the occasional video in your posts. And include a “Call To Action” at the end of them. You then take this process to a new level!  I happen to use public videos. And you find many of these already posted on YouTube. If they happen to relate to my article’s main keyword I use them. I download them to my video folder. Then upload them to my website. I can also email them with my Talk Fusion platform. Video content is a very powerful way to engage your site visitors.

Use These Strategies. You Will See A Marked Improvement In Your Online Visibility In Short Order! Add The CashBlurbs Platform To This Process And That Will Improve Your Online Engagement Even More!