Being Seen And Heard On The Web Means Having Online Visibility!

Online VisibilityDo You Or Your Business Platform Have Significant Online Visibility?

If Not, Why Bother Having A Website? Without Online Visibility Most People Simply Won’t Know That You Or Your Site Exists!

Improve Your Online Visibility Using The Tips Highlighted Below:

The Most Common Method. 

VisibilitySearch engine optimization is the primary way to increase your online visibility. This is done by creating short articles and generating customer comments. Both components increase the quantity of relevant keywords and phrases on your site. Increasing these elements contributes to boosting your overall Google page rank. This is approach is effective. But you must combine link building with this as well in order to maintain effectiveness. You do this through the social networking sites, blogs, and one-click advertisements.

Social Networking Sites.

Social Networking SitesWhether you are looking to brand yourself or your business, you should have pages on the following sites. So create a presence on FacebookMySpace, and LinkedIn. This gives you the best scope for promoting your site. It doesn’t matter who views your information but one click from whomever puts that person on your homepage. As more people visit your website your page rank increase. That is a guarantee. So increased page rank means that you have enhanced your online visibility. And enhancement means more engagement. 

Advertisements And Blogs.

Advertisement And BlogBoth of these items work together. In fact one of them supports the other. In this case one-click advertisements keep blogs in business. So provide an ad that gives the reader a brief description of your business. It is an excellent way to increase your online visibility. This is also achieved by evaluations done by others on different blogs. Even a negative assessment can be positive for your page rank! But your site derives a link in this case too. Using keywords in your own blog commenting is also a great way to improve your site rank. So make sure that you create links.

Use Google’s Platform Itself.

Google PlatformThis is also paramount in enhancing your online visibility. Understanding how to use their Analytics page is very important. Statistics revealing how people land on your site provide key information about the keywords and phrases that visitors use. Another great way to generate links using Google is to post your articles using the Bookmark platform. In addition you can also share your content on Google+. This definitely will help to increase your page rank also. So maybe it is time for you to start! Because online success is just around the corner!

Incorporate Video Content.

Video ImpactAll of the strategies mentioned above are important. Now add video communication. That means include the occasional video in your posts. And include a “Call To Action” at the end of them. You then take this process to a new level!  I happen to use public videos. And you find many of these already posted on YouTube. If they happen to relate to my article’s main keyword I use them. I download them to my video folder. Then upload them to my website. I can also email them with my Talk Fusion platform. Video content is a very powerful way to engage your site visitors.

Use These Strategies. You Will See A Marked Improvement In Your Online Visibility In Short Order! Add The CashBlurbs Platform To This Process And That Will Improve Your Online Engagement Even More!

Article Marketing – Produce Written Content Quickly And Efficiently!

Article MarketingAre You Establishing An Online Presence With Article Marketing?

If Not, You Should Know Article Marketing Is A Core SEO Feature!

Article Marketing Is Not Daunting And Is Actually Quite Rewarding!

Basic PrinciplesThe following information is short and sweet! If you are marketing products and services on the internet, no doubt you are familiar with article marketing. You also have an idea about its importance. However, you are also aware of how time consuming it can be. This is especially true if you have a number of websites or blogs. The purpose of this post is to highlight three simple principles. They will enable you to increase your writing speed. Have a quick read of the following tips. Then complete seven articles inside of an hour! You can become very good at this!

Article Marketing Principle 1

Subject MatterBegin this conquest by considering what you already know. This information will surprise you and it is already stored in your memory! Start writing on this subject matter. It will further amaze you at the material you can get down on paper or on your computer. Choose a niche market that you are knowledgeable about. Your associated expertise will directly assist in creating quality articles. The more you know about a given topic the less time you have to devote to research. Consequently, you will be able to generate many more posts within a given time frame.

Article Marketing Principle 2

Concise ContentInstead of attempting to write long paragraphs do exactly what you see being done here! Your basic approach should entail ordering your content into concise points and numbering them. A long paragraph needs to be more cohesive. You will find that you have to reread it a number of times. That ensures that it flows and makes sense. In addition, it is more difficult to spot grammatical errors. Correcting your article will certainly involve time! Writing concisely has a converse result. Plus, it lends itself to a more systematic approach.

Article Marketing Principal 3

Bullet PointsThe short bullet points in a given article can actually become topics themselves! So make creating subsets in your post a prerequisite. This will really ramp up the effectiveness of your article marketing. You will begin to create loads of original content. Creating these sub-topics also eliminates the need to think about what to write about next. You already have a subject, albeit a derived one! However, as far as your article marketing is concerned this approach will also speed up the process. So make sure that you implement this third principal.

Article Marketing Conclusion

Article Marketing ConclusionAnd there you have it! The above article is concise! And you can brake it down into three points. They will hopefully assist with your article marketing endeavours. Start creating new content quickly and take your article marketing to a new level! Finally consider adding videos to your posts! This is an added feature. But it will assist you with creating excellent written content. Ideally you want to maximize the attraction aspect of your articles. Video content will certainly accomplish that. Therefore you should occasionally add them.

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You Must Write Articles To Be Successful At Internet Marketing!

Write ArticlesAs An Internet Marketer You Are No Doubt Aware That You Have To Write Articles.

Many People View This Exercise With Disdain. Especially Given How Often You Have Write Articles For Effective Marketing Results.

To Write Articles Is To Enrich Your Soul First Before You Enrich Your Pocket! Nothing Wrong With That!

Fresh ContentWhen I created my first website, I had no clue. I did not know how often I should post fresh content to it. Later on, I stumbled on a video that featured a very successful online marketer. At that point I discovered a basic parameter. If you are marketing anything online, you need to write articles regularly! This idea daunts many folk. But I’ll tell you here that you can accomplish this exercise! So if you desire success, you have to do this!

Keeping A DiaryIn any event, I imagined that this was the same as keeping a diary. In which case I knew that this exercise would die a death real quick. I also thought that one needed to be an avid reader as well. That I am not. What I found out is that you should write about anything that comes to mind! You can always make adjustments later! Better still you can enlist others to write for you! Either way you must discipline yourself for this task.

Get Into A Routine And Write Articles Every Day!

Writing RoutineWhen you consider a writing routine, think about starting a weight loss program as an example approach. You probably are aware that first two or three weeks is always the hardest. You have to get over that mental hurdle. Even so, as you make progress, it becomes easier. You even look forward to your routine! Writing every day is similar. In fact, for me, writing articles has become an enjoyable exercise.

Mental NoteCreating a post that is three to five hundred words, or a little more, is actually fairly easy! When you get an idea, just sit down in front of your computer and start writing about it. Make a mental or a quick written note if you can’t start writing right away. This sets your stage for creating your content. So busy yourself You will pleasantly surprise yourself as to how quickly you can generate a first class post! 

Write Articles About All Your Positive Experiences!

Think Positive ThingsWrite about things that affect your spirit in a positive manner. The writing process includes having to proof read your articles in every case. So your own content actually can be entertaining when you read it! Recently I compiled a post about an experience that was romantic in nature. The article evolved from a video that I saw posted up on Facebook by one of my friends. It was just a few dance sequences. 

Dance SequencesObviously back ground music played a part in this inspirational occurrence. This engaged my imagination. For some reason the video prompted me to think about Marvin Gaye’s song, “Sexual Healing”! So I wrote a candid article about that song and some of the memories that it promoted. One thought basically generated the basis for an entire article! If you adopt this approach I am certain that you will come up with some engaging articles.

Negative Thoughts Impair Your Ability To Write Articles!

No Negative ThinkingOn the other side of the spectrum, negative energy impedes your ability to write. In another scenario, the first thing that I noted was that it was difficult to structure a logical sequence. For me, I derived this first hand by attempting to write about something that was negative. Eventually, I aborted completing the article as the exercise became futile. At all costs do not attempt to compile content in this frame of mine.

Positive StepsSo on a positive note take these following steps. Relegate all those negative thoughts right out of your mind before writing. Read other articles about blogging and use this information to enhance your overall blogging strategy. Incorporate video content into some of your posts! Finally solidify this marketing component by incorporating the platform below. That will elevate your online success to new heights, period!

You Too Can Learn To Write Articles To Your Heart’s Content! Utilize This Skill Along With The CashBlurbs Platform To Attract Visitors To Your Website. Ultimately Improve Your Internet Marketing Efforts!

Instructional Articles Definitely Enhance The Engagement Factor!

Instructional ArticlesInstructional Articles Are A Great Way To Captivate Your Readers!

Now, I Know That Video Content Is One Of The Main Themes Pertaining To My Site. But These Type Of Posts Have Their Place In The Internet Marketing Arena!

Besides, You Can Always Include Videos In Your Instructional Articles!  They Are Most Complimentary! In the Meantime Consider Eight Points Regarding This Topic:

1) Produce Overall Excellent Articles To Read.

InstructWhen one is producing instructional articles, the overall objective is to offer the reader details that are beneficial. So your correct course of action is to deliver strategies and solutions. They should meet that person’s needs. Don’t deviate from this course. That is don’t re-produce content that already exists online. Writing about what is already obvious will drive the reader away! There is one rule of thumb when it comes to blogging. The quality of your posts is far more important than the number of articles that you produce.

2) Offer Thorough Descriptions Within Your Posts.

DescribeCraft instructional articles. They should provide thorough details. So that means highlighting specific points for your readers. These pointers should help accomplish their objectives. Steer clear of complicated vocabulary. You want your content to be unique and provide clarity. Because your goal is to accommodate the most basic reader. Incorporate precise steps. Add recommendations. Highlight warnings. These are the best tips to follow. The purpose is to establish You as an authority!

3) Provide An Air Of Patience In Your Writing.

PatienceInform your readers in a patient manner. So structure your fundamental points in an “easy-to-read” order. Provide insightful tips. State best practices. You want your readers to have a clear path. So they should be able to navigate your content quickly. And you want that process to be effective. That means that they should be able to understand your information. You don’t want them having to revert back to earlier passages continuously. The reader who winds up having to do that will click away!

4) Offer Your Readers A Fun Task To Do

Fun ZoneProvide an exercise for your readers to do. Because this is a great way to engage your website visitors. You can structure a fun activity that solves a given problem. You can conduct a survey. Design it so that  leads to some tangible results. You can share them with your audience at a later date. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you provide clear directions. You want your readers to absorb your instructional articles. Additionally, they should enjoy the tasks.

5) Restrict The Amount Of Ideas In Any One Post.

RestrictDon’t overburden any one article. You don’t want to include too many concepts. Your topic should revolve around one main focal point. This may seem difficult at first. However, as you produce more articles, this aspect will improve. That is also the case with your overall writing ability. Outline all of details that relate to your topic. Add items that contribute to the flow of the article. Eliminate those that don’t. Find out what works. Separate your ideas. This provides more material for additional articles on the same topic.

6) Share Personal Experiences That Are Relevant.

Personal ExperiencesPeople appreciate down to earth encounters. So do not be reluctant to refer to any personal experiences. Of course they should relate to your topic. For example, consider your own best references. Do this when you share information through instructional articles. You want to be able to shed further light on what you are describing. Ensure that your guidelines are precise. That minimizes misunderstandings. Your personalized experiences will separate your content from industry standards.

7) Provide Additional Details On Your Website.

DetailsThis goes without saying! Your article must be unique. That is prerequisite. That is true if your are posting it to an article directory like Ezines. In addition, you should always encourage a given reader to go to your blog. You want them to look for more detailed information. Note that this directory does not permit images or video content. You can certainly provide these components on your personal website. Structure a call-to-action in your Resource Box to accomplish this.

8) Include Links That Contribute To Your Topic

IncludeAs stated, your instructional articles should be distinctive. Your posts are your website’s main attraction. However, provide references if and when you can. They should be helpful. Plus they should contribute to the development of your topic. Your point of view provides your reader with a different vantage point on the fundamental concept. The references act as endorsements. They also provide an assurance to your readers that you are a credible blogger.

Enhance Your Instructional Articles With Video Content! Use The CashBlurbs Platform And Boost Your Website Visits Dramatically! Get In Touch With Me Should You Have Any Questions.

Marketing Online? Know That Blog Commenting Is A Key Component!

Blog CommentingBlog Commenting Just Happens To Be Part Of The Overall Internet Marketing Mix!

More Specifically, Blog Commenting Directly Impacts Search Engine Optimization And Increased Traffic.

 If You Are Not Blog Commenting Than You Need To Start!

Blog Commenting TipsInternet marketers very often overlook blog commenting. In fact, in some circles it is of no importance! What you need to know is the following. It is a great way to boost your search engine optimization. In addition it is also a clever way to attract traffic to your site directly. However, if you are to deploy this SEO feature effectively, then there are some guidelines that you should follow. Bear in mind as you read these four tips, they are all applicable to video commenting.

1) Be Gracious When Commenting. 

GraciousnessOne of the first things that you should ensure is the positive nature of your comment. You want to make a good impression. So stating something that is negative won’t help your cause. The site owner or author is not likely to publish it in any case. If you are not in agreement with the author, you certainly can provide constructive criticism. This requires a degree of tact. It should also entail summarizing the author’s point of view. Plus you state yours in a polite manner. Treat this situation as if you were meeting the author in person!

2) Make Comments That Are Relevant.

RelevantIn terms of any given topic you must express relevant comments. People will ignore them if this is not the case. Also do not blatantly promote yourself or some product or service. Therefore, do not include any links that go straight to some sales page. Blog commenting in this manner will undermine your efforts to establish yourself as an authority. Your goal is to attract new readers to your site and provide them with a favorable user experience. Demonstrate credibility by making relevant comments related to the post.

3) Provide Your Own Information.

ExpertMake detailed comments. Do not simply offer generic pleasantry. In other words, don’t just state something like “Nice post!” Establishing yourself as a credible expert starts with providing your own pertinent guidelines and specific observations. Demonstrate that you know what you are talking about. Because the person viewing your comment is far more likely to visit your site. But they must perceive that you are knowledgeable about your niche. You should offer new points. Plus advance a question that stimulates debate!

4) Add The Element Of Persuasion

PersuasionEnticing the other individuals who are blog commenting to visit your site requires subtle persuasion. Your goal is to continue the debate. If you have written about the same topic, make mention of some further information. State that this content is in your article. Remember that this is a balancing act. You wish to provide valuable content and derive customers. Therefore, avoid the temptation to post an advertisement. In fact, in some cases it is disallowed. And if you do so it is spam which can lead to banning if you are not careful!

Start Blog Commenting Today And Enhance Your Traffic And Overall SEO Results! Deploy The CashBlurbs Platform To Further This Enhancement Plus Increase Your Online Or Internet Marketing Results!

Online Success Is Based On Being Viewed As A Trusted Authority!

Trusted AuthorityNow You May Think That The Term “Trusted Authority” Only Applies To Special People!

That Is Not The Case, Because The Term “Trusted Authority” Can Apply To Anyone, Including You!

Your Prospects Should Regard As One In Any Case If You Desire Online Success! The Following Guidelines Will Set You On The Right Path!

1) Publish Written And Video Content.

PublishIf you wish to achieve success online you have to establish yourself as a trusted authority. This starts with consistent blogging. It is indeed the foundation. Now no doubt you are aware that one of my site’s themes is video communication. So it may appear confusing as to why I am writing so much! There is no confusion here because you should use video content too! I happen to add video to some of my articles. The point is that you must blog. Combining the written word with video content is the smart way to do it!

2) Encourage People To Connect With You.

ConnectDeveloping an online presence entails building relationships. The social media platforms are excellent venues for creating new ones, so use them. Concentrate on the main ones like Facebook and Twitter. However, you can use the lesser known ones too for search engine optimization purposes. Although I would still advise using other key platforms like LinkedIn and Google itself. In any event it is a good idea to open accounts with these platforms! They are free to join in any case!

3) Generate Interaction With Your Audience. 

InteractThe content that you create should instigate a conversation or a discussion with your readers. Therefore your articles and/or videos should prompt questions. The answers to these questions should generate thoughtful responses. Mere yes or no answers will not create any interest. You want to fully engage your audience and eagerly share your information with others. You can also post your own captivating comments about various topics to promote engagement.

4) Share Your Articles On Various Social Sites

ShareIt is one thing to write good articles or produce excellent video content. But that is no good if no one knows that you are writing or producing. You want to share and market your content. Now you may not know what they means exactly, so I will explain. Marketing your information simply means posting your articles and videos. You feature them on the same social networking sites just mentioned in paragraph two above. You can use the Shareaholic plugin to accomplish this!

5) Your Viewers Should Regard You As An Expert.

ObjectiveYour ultimate goal is to expand your reputation as a trusted authority. So as I have reiterated in this article and others throughout my site, you should produce content regularly. Do it every day if you can! Go even further and pen an e-book. And don’t let this idea daunt you either. If you are producing content on a regular basis you can derive material for your e-book from previously published information. Internet marketing and its components can be a positive experience!

Add Video Content To Your Online Promotional Efforts. It Helps To Elevate You As A Trusted Authority. It Also Increases Your Traffic! Review The Cash Fundamentals. Then Use Them!

Website Appeal Is A Must! Improve Yours With Seven Key Guidelines!

Website AppealIf You Don’t Create Website Appeal, You Can’t Generate Online Interest!

Now The Idea Of Website Appeal May Seem Somewhat Subjective! But You Don’t Have To Be An Artist To Create It!

Read The Following Seven Tips And Enhance Your Website Appeal!

1) Ensure Easy Navigation.

Easy NavigationThe moment that a potential reader clicks on anything pertaining to your site, is critical! Because you want that person to stay! So your website appeal is key! The very next thing that you expose your visitor to, is the navigational aspect of your site. How easy is it for your reader to find their way around? Granted, this is a broad issue. So you won’t satisfy everyone. As a general rule of thumb refrain from overloading your website with ads. Therefore give it a clean, uncluttered look. On that note I hope that you like mine!

2) Provide Engaging Content.

Engaging ContentIf you have not heard the following phrase, please remember it! “Content is king but engaging content is priceless!” There are millions of people searching for valuable information in an array of niches. So your goal is to provide your target audience with that type of content! This starts with the articles that you write and the videos that you create. Do this on a regular basis as it guarantees that you improve! Post your content to various article directories, such as Ezines. This will put you on the right path.

3) Make Yourself Available. 

Available NowMake sure that you have a contact page on your site. Provide a phone number, email address and a mailing address. Occasionally your readers will want to communicate with you directly. If they have specific requests, engage them. That is a good thing! You do not want to put your reader in a position where they cannot contact you. The disappointment of that scenario is not an option! You want them to have the optimum user experience. This also makes it easier for you to begin building relationships.

4) Provide A Search Box. 

Search BoxIf you have a site with numerous articles, make sure that you have a “Search Box“. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitor. Because endlessly clicking to find information on a particular topic is a problem. Readers will venture away from your site. So part of your website appeal means having the appropriate look-up fields. You want to ensure that your visitors find what they are searching for quickly. Having a “Tag Cloud” with keyword terms enables this process. So test out the cloud and search box to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

5) Invite Social Interaction. 

Social Interaction
Make your site a comfortable social environment. It may be cyber space, but this is the primary way in which to engage people today. The scope of social media increases every day as more and more users subscribe to this method of communication. Join the primary social sites such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Google. Provide your readers with a way to interact with you on these sites. You can list each platform’s icon on your personal website similar to how you see them here.

6) Provide Customer Reviews

ReviewsIf you are able to provide your visitors with a few testimonials and reviews, do so. Post them on your site because they will enhance the trust factor. They also help to establish you as an authority figure. A simple way to derive these reviews or testimonials is to merely have some of your customers provide them. Have them comment on your main product or service. They can highlight any positive experiences that they have derived through using the item. A video of this can be most effective!

7) Stand Out And Be Unique

Stand OutAt the end of the day your website appeal revolves around your own unique style. Individuals who end up purchasing your product or service do so because they like you! So make the information that you provide, memorable. Your tips and insights should resonate with your readers. So your individual personality ultimately should come through! Your visitors are more likely to like and share your content. Then this will draw more prospects and broaden the discussion. Your online success as a result of your website appeal will be assured!

Add Video Content! This Will Ramp Up Your Website Appeal! Plus Use The Principles Outlined In It Will Increase Your Number Of Site Visits. Also Contact Me If You Have Any Queries.

Website Buzz Equates To Traffic But A Few Things Need To Be In Place!

Website BuzzIf You Are Marketing Online, Website Buzz Is A Must!

Don’t Think So? Change Your Mind, Because This Aspect Means Lots Of Visitors!

So Create And Maintain Your Website Buzz. Plus Ensure That You Meet The Following Criteria In Doing So!

1) Are Your Links Working Properly?

Working LinksExcellent subject material generates website buzz. In addition your inks should work seamlessly. Maintaining reader engagement also means checking the links in your articles. You want to ensure that they are working properly. Avoid links that generate messages such as “Page Under Construction“, “Page Not Found” or ” Forbidden Error“. They disrupt the flow of your article. If you remove a page or substitute another one, make sure that you adjust the link accordingly. Your content should maintain forward momentum!

2) Are Your Website Links Safe?

Safety FirstIf your links are working, the next thing to ascertain is their safety. Because you don’t want your readers being concerned about viruses or malware that may negatively impact their computer software. Always test your links before you publish your article. Make sure that your readers navigate to active and safe pages. That is your goal! If you have a WordPress site like mine look for a plugin called WordFence. It provides security for this type of situation. Click on the name to obtain the information.

3) Does Your Content Have Value?

ValuePeople who venture online are looking for solutions. So your information must provide value! If you fail at this your prospects will not consider you a knowledgeable internet marketer. Your goal is to provide content that engages your viewers. Having a video and an auto-responder does not lead you to online marketing success on its own! You need to produce solid content. Also there should be links to other information that support your points. So commit to high standards with regards to your posts!

4) How Balanced Is Your Website?

BalanceDoes your website have numerous advertisements? Or does it contain an abundance of affiliate links? If that this the case, you will distract and confuse your reader! So study some of your favorite sites. You will note how “well-balanced” they are. Observe where the site owners place their ads in relation to the written content. Popular websites are that way for a reason. So achieving this will mean using a trial and error approach. It is a feature in life that you must deploy. Do so if you desire website buzz that leads to success!

5) Have You Included Anchor Text?

Anchor TextDon’t merely include a link within a given article hoping your reader will click on it. You should guide your readers to the additional information. So structure your links that way unless your intention is have your readers click on them randomly. The anchor text and the written content that immediately surrounds the link should catch the reader’s eye. Your objective is to provide added value to your post. You want to engage your readers by continuing the conversation.

Make Sure That You Add Video Content To Some Of Your Articles! That Definitely Creates Website Buzz And Traffic! Review The CashBlurbs Below And Get In Touch Should You Have Any Questions.

Five Creative Exercises That Will Help You To Be A Better Blogger!

Creative ExercisesCreative Exercises Don’t Just Apply To Getting In Good Physical Shape!

There Are Creative Exercises For Your Mind Too! Specifically You Can Do Them To Enhance Your Writing Skills!

The Following Five Creative Exercises Will Ramp Up Your Blogging Prowess:

1) Are You A Reader?  No! Than Start! 

Reading Is GoodI must admit I never been a big reader. Writing or blogging every day is also relatively new to me. However, if you are marketing anything, you have to read!  In addition, writing everyday forces you to do research. These creative exercises foster blogging consistency. As far as effective writing is concerned one must do this. So read as much as you can and read everything! It will impact your style. You will develop different story telling methods. Ultimately you will find writing quite enjoyable! 

2) Do You Make Comparisons? If Not Do So! 

Make ComparisonsMaking comparisons always tends to promote reader engagement. When you are considering a topic reflect on any positions that are polar opposites. Use these creative exercises to highlight different considerations. Doing so will provoke your reader to think. That’s what I’m attempting to do right now just through proposing this idea as an approach. So the objective is to stimulate you to visualize circumstances that oppose each other! Use this technique to solve problems for your readers.

3) Are You Inquisitive? No! Ask Questions! 

Ask QuestionsDon’t ever be shy about asking questions. Being inquisitive and acting on it are the first steps in initiating a learning experience! Think about the inquisitive nature of a young child. Children innately ask imaginative questions. So try that approach. Ask yourself “Why”! Challenge yourself and put your imagination in gear! Don’t stop there either. The older generation tend to ask questions too. Maybe that is why they say that we revert to childlike behaviour when we are older! Use this to stimulate your creative exercises!

4) Do You Analyze? If Not Learn To Diagnose! 

AnalyseDon’t always approach your topic by explaining the symptoms. Research the problem and determine it’s cause. Then find the solution. You should highlight how to fix it. As an illustration consider a customer who is angry at some aspect of a previous purchase. Imagine that individual arguing with a salesperson and demanding his or her money back. That person’s anger is the symptom. If the product was faulty, that is the cause. So discovering that specific information gives you ammunition for a specific remedy.

5) Are You A Conformist? If Yes, Don’t Be! Rebel! 

RebelFinally, don’t adopt the status-quo position. Successful individuals have always gone against the grain! So approach your writing in the same manner. Take a different stance and come up with a different angle that engages your readers. Be the devil’s advocate! You can challenge your readers right from the start in your article title. Here is an example, “Five Reasons Why Your Articles Are Boring”! Consider the impact of the word “Boring”! It may offend but the sentence gets one’s attention!

Consider Adding Video Content As Part Of  Your Creative Exercises! Review The Strategies Behind And Draw Visitors To Your Website Utilizing Both Components, Writing And Video!

A Writing Vacation Does Not Mean Taking A Holiday From Blogging!

Writing VacationConcerned About Your Blogging While On Holiday? Make It A Writing Vacation!

So If You Are Traveling You Can Anticipate Being Away From Your Normal Approach To Blogging. 

But A Writing Vacation Is The Answer! Consider The Five Writing Vacation Tips Ahead To Keep You On Track:

1) Take Your Laptop With You.  

LaptopYour laptop is your writing vacation solution! As indicated, writing everyday is a must! When you go on holiday you don’t want to be writing your articles on paper. If so, you face the task of transcribing your posts to your website or blog. Writing on some notepad is tantamount to reproducing the content all over again. Time is money! So save it in this instance! Bring your laptop with you!

2) Utilize Basic Writing Items.

WritingWriting long hand is fine, but typing is far more efficient in terms of time. I mention this in the previous paragraph. But you may not have a choice in the matter while vacationing. In that case writing is the next best thing short of having a laptop. So have a pen and and a notebook handy. Write down ideas that you can expand on when you sit at your computer next. Jotting down notes in this manner will also keep your creative juices flowing.

3) Get Familiar With Smart Apps

AppsThe electronic devices that we have at our disposal today are amazing. One in particular, is the Smartphone. It has all of the Apps that you will need right at your fingertips. A recent poll conducted by Ezines that targeted its Facebook fans yielded an interesting fact. The App, Evernote is the best tool for noting down ideas. It allows you to quickly write down a thought that you can develop further, at later date.

4) Reading Is Always An Inspiration. 

InspirationChallenging your brain regularly through reading is a smart thing to do, period! It is actually a form of exercise that possibly wards off Alzheimer’s disease. That aside, reading is also inspirational. It is the best way to prevent writer’s block. So ensure that have an array of reading material with you while you are on your holiday! Don’t just restrict yourself to just novels either. Read magazines and newspapers as well!

5) Compile A Few Talking Points.

Talking PointsNow this may be a little difficult if you are somewhat of a shy type. But you can accomplish this if you put your mind to it! The best way to describe this point, is to give you an example. Imagine you are at an airport. Then you strike up a conversation with someone sitting next to you. You can direct the conversation to a topic that you wish to write about. Mention why and invite them to put forward their opinions.

Taking A Writing Vacation Eliminates Having To Catch Up When You Are Back From Holiday! Adding Video Content And Using The Platform Will Increase Your Visits To Your Blog.