Your Commitment Level Is Key To Your Network Marketing Success!

Commitment LevelHave You Stopped To Consider Your Commitment Level?

Do You Understand The Power Of Having A Solid Level Of Commitment?

Maintaining Your Commitment Level Is Like Filling Up Your Car With Gas. Did You Fill Up Today And I’m Not Talking About Gas?

Intangible AspectYou may ask why am I writing about this intangible aspect given that my website is about various marketing strategies. Bear with me! Maybe this will make some sense. It struck me that any successful outcome hinges on one’s commitment level. In turn, you can tie that success directly to effective decision making. So I want to talk, or write, about the decision making process. Consider this following scenario.

Imagine you are trying to determine whether you should embrace a new business venture or not. My question to you is, “How committed are you to the assessment process?” And I’m not talking about your eventual decision. I’m talking about the process before the decision!

A Proposed Answer And An Illustration About Commitment Level!

A Proposed AnswerLet me answer this as if you were asking me the question. I’ll frame my answer around the network marketing industry. The process of joining any MLM business starts out by inviting a prospect to initially assess the opportunity. Once that person has made that initial assessment one follows up immediately. One does this with a three way call with another team member. These so called core steps help one to build this business.

What I have found is that one can waste a lot of time in this process. People generally don’t commit, at least underneath the surface. They don’t keep time. These folk fail to make the initial assessment so you have to reschedule your three-way call. And they don’t answer the phone! The list goes on. Aggravating, to say the least!

Structure A Scenario That Inspires A Level Of Commitment!

Structure A ScenarioSo how does one avoid this set of circumstances? How do we determine commitment level in a given prospect. I mean this is something that we even come across day in and day out in our social circumstances. People don’t show up at the time they say they will. They don’t call to say they will be late and so on. Actually, it would be pretty neat if we could assess this intangible quality beforehand.

Maybe someone can come up with some sophisticated scanning device. Well that’s not likely to happen soon but I have a solution. Again, I’ll use the network marketing industry to highlight the answer. The key is not to approach anyone with your direct sales opportunity! Let them approach you first! The commitment level becomes apparent in this case.

Encourage Your Prospects To Have A Level Of Commitment!

Encourage Your ProspectsThink about it. In the scenario described above you are the one doing all the chasing. It adds up to one tedious exercise. Now if you are reading this I do not know your intentions. You maybe looking for an opportunity. Or you may have questions because you are a current network marketer. Another reason is that my direct selling platform may interest you. If so it does happen to be the number one home business opportunity in terms of sales growth!

Or, you may just like reading my articles. Thank you either way! In any case, I don’t have any idea about your commitment level. So feel free to contact me. We can then acquaint one another with each other. We should find out more about each other including our individual levels of commitment!

Increase Your Level Of Commitment! Stop Treading Water!

Treading WaterOn a final thought consider this. If you needed a medical procedure done, does your doctor come looking for you to do it? I don’t think so! You had better have the sense and commitment level to go to the doctor! This applies in any other service industry or business, inclusive of network marketing. If the entity offers you a solution, no-one has to tell you to make the decision. You go to that source and acquire what they are offering.

The same thing goes with regards to direct selling! If the platform offers a solution to the individual assessing it, he or she will express his or her interest. My last comment is a recommendation. Review the presentation guidelines highlighted below. It requires that you take a small action that can lead to large result!

Positive Actions Produce Successful Results. So Enforce Your Commitment Level! Review The “One Main Factor” Presentation Guidelines And “My Video Based Platform” To Accomplish This!

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