The Faith Concept Impacts Network Marketing Too So Have Some Belief!

Faith ConceptIs The Faith Concept Relevant To Your Existence? I Would Suggest That It Does And It Affects Your MLM Success!

I’m Guessing You Are Probably Wondering Why I Would Bring This Topic Up Given The Nature Of My Site! The Faith Concept Impacts Everything!

It May Seem Totally Irrelevant To Any Form Of Network Marketing. However I Suggest To You That The Faith Concept Has Its Role! Believe That Or Not!

The Faith IdeaExactly how essential is the faith concept in life? Do you allow your thoughts to contemplate this intangible aspect? Or is it one of those things in life that exists in a realm of it’s own? In other words, do you ignore it in conjunction with your day to day activities? Or do you only consider it sparingly. Is the term too religious? Do you feel uncomfortable when people refer to it. What does it conjure up in your mind? Does it cause you conflict? Perhaps it is just an inconsequential element.

EvidenceIn terms of the idea of faith, some individuals rule it out completely because they only believe in empirical evidence. Everything that we encounter in life that is real must have scientific proof! Some people go even further. They state that they only believe in things that they can see! I wonder how these folk respond to the idea of the atom. One can’t see it! So does that mean that it does not exist?  If they do believe in it’s existence they are being contradictory! In fact they are demonstrating faith!

The Definition Of The Faith Concept And Understanding It!

The MindOn that note, let’s consider the definition of faith. Click here and quickly read Wikipedia’s characterization. Based on this explanation where does faith reside in our minds? Does it have a sub-conscious existence or conscious one in our brains? I propose that it exists in both areas. Consider a straightforward example. How does faith play out when you purchase an item. I conjecture that you subconsciously expect the exchange to occur when you consciously part with the required funds!

A Faith ExampleI hope that doesn’t sound confusing. So let me explain further. In that situation, you don’t abruptly begin to fear that your funds become worthless at the time of the exchange. You have faith that the money you are parting with has value subconsciously. On a conscious level, you see yourself parting with your money and receiving the item that you desire. You consciously have faith that the item you are purchasing is intact and has no faults. Does this help to explain this point?

The Faith Concept Is Like Air!  It’s Invisible But It’s Everywhere!

BeliefIf you did quickly read the definition, recall the first sentence. This faith concept connects the words trust and confidence in its consideration. The overall characterization declares that faith is a belief in something that is minus proof or evidence.Now consider this definition cautiously. Exactly how many situations happen to you on a daily basis where you can link this statement? If you said none I would tell you to think again! Our day to day lives constantly embrace the faith concept!

Behind The ScenesWhen you enter a building and make your way to the thirtieth floor you have faith that building won’t collapse. When you cross the street you have faith that a car won’t strike you. You can go on and on listing scenarios. Plus, these illustrations may be conscious or subconscious examples. It doesn’t matter. It all boils down to having faith. My point is that you need it to accomplish anything in life. In fact, it is an important background feature in your overall network marketing strategy! 

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Seize Opportunity If You Want Network Marketing Success!

Seize OpportunityPrecisely What Do The Words”Seize Opportunity” Convey To You?

I’m Thinking Many People Don’t Even Attempt To Seize Opportunity When It Is In Front Of Them!

They Are Not Aware And Blindly Tread Life’s Waters. So They Miss Many Of Them!  You Must Seize Opportunity If You Desire Success!

How Do You Approach OpportunityWhat should happen when one sees an opportunity? That person should react. So this article has to do with one’s approach. On the surface it may not appear to relate to network marketing. However it certainly has a bearing! Let me ask you these questions. Is it in your nature to seize opportunity when it presents itself? Or are you slow to take action? To make my point let me give you a visual analogy. You most likely have watched a fishing program on television. I certainly have at one time or the other. Plus you may have gone fishing numerous times if you like the sport.

Catching A FishThere is a common thread that runs between premise of this article and catching a fish! Visualize this particular fishing scenario for an instant! What happens when someone feels a bite on their line? Does that  person rest the fishing rod down somewhere and start reading a book? I imagine not!  What we immediately see is a frenzied reaction by both the angler and the fish!  In this instance, the individual struggles to catch the fish. The fish inevitably struggles to free itself from the hook! it is an energetic encounter. Both the angler and the fish attempt to seize opportunity.

You Must Mold Yourself To Seize Opportunity!

React SwiftlyThe scenario referred to above demonstrates two different opportunities but the same motivation. Furthermore, the lesson derived from that situation is that we need to react swiftly. We must also be effective when an opportunity presents itself. If our reaction is inefficient, we will forfeit the opportunity. In scenario above we will fail to catch the fish. But the fish will succeed with its opportunity. It will get off the hook! So ask yourself, “What do I do when I have an opportunity in front of me?” “Do I put my fishing rod down and start reading?” “Do I wait for someone to tell me what to do?” “Or do I react and seize it?”

PositioningYour mindset will always dictate how you react to any given opportunity? If you are timid your reaction will be likewise. If you are aggressive you will position yourself strategically. Plus you will do so more times than not! So success in life is about positioning oneself. You must do that if you are to seize your opportunities. That is the case if you are going to be successful at network marketing. It boils down to assessing your internal workings first. This means leaning how to be introspective. You have an opportunity right now to educate yourself on introspection! So seize it!

To Seize Opportunity Means Taking Action!

Inaction Or ActionMany of us protest that we are never receive any opportunities. That isn’t the case. Everyone encounters opportunities. We all receive our fair share of them! In my opinion you will encounter quite a few. You just has to be observant. But you must also prime yourself to seize them! Your overall life plan should be. “not to have a fixed plan!” At least that should be the case as far as opportunities are concerned. Establish the fixed plan after you have seized the opportunity! Accomplishment is about taking action. If you do nothing in life you will wind up having “a nothing life!”

A Few OpportunitiesI happen to have few opportunities here on my website. The direct selling business model is the main focus. But more importantly there is a specific road map that I encourage you to take first. That path revolves around a key presentation that I list at the end of this post. And I encourage you to gather that knowledge on building any business first and foremost. If I am to be successful you must be successful! So I actually insist on you getting that knowledge. I’m not looking to recruit for sake of recruiting. My motto is to help you to help yourself towards financial independence!

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Financial Independence Is Most Achievable With Direct Selling!

Financial IndependenceFinancial Independence Is Not Something Only Reserved For Other People! You Can Achieve It Too With The Right Approach! 

But If You Truly Desire Financial Independence You Have To Take Action! The Network Marketing Business Is The Ideal Starting Point!

So Consider The Following  If You Are Already a Network Marketer Looking To Improve Your Results. Also Do So If You Are About To Start A Business. Review Eight Tips For Financial Independence:

1) Where Do Your Finances Stand Right Now? 

The Traditional ApproachSecuring financial independence involves making sound economic decisions. And you do this over the course of a lifetime. You typically begins this process in  your early twenties. So it normally occurs right after finishing university when you join the work force!  At that point you should adopt an established wealth-building strategy. Sticking to this plan should put you on a path to attain financial security by retirement age. At least this is the theory if you have the determination. So one can achieve this objective at any age. It may mean that you have to use nontraditional methods, but it is achievable.This is the traditional approach. 

2) You Must Practice Self Discipline For Success. 

Practice Self DisciplineThe problem with the above path is that is a rife with pitfalls. But that doesn’t mean that it’s next to impossible either. However, you must exercise discipline. And you must be even more so when managing your monetary affairs. Too often people deviate from their course of action. This will always scuttle any financial objective. Just observe people who have achieved financial independence. Note that they apply a strong degree of discipline. They follow certain monetary guidelines. And here are three key ones to demonstrate this point. They never live above their means. They don’t purchase new cars every three months. Nor do they borrow against their savings!

3) Being Careful With Your Money Is Critical

Be Careful With Your MoneyFinancial independence is not just about knowing how to create it. You must know how to preserve it as well! How many times have you heard stories about lottery winners who have lost all of their winnings. This has happened in many cases soon after the person collected their windfall.  Not knowing how to manage money is the cause! Unfortunately, no one teaches preservation. You will have learn this as you navigate financial matters. You can start this process by considering ways to reduce your every day expenses. That can be as simple as doing some of your own repair and maintenance. It is a great way to be careful with your money. But your ultimate goal is to budget and be consistent.

4) Do You Currently Owe A Lot Of Credit Card Debt? 

Eliminate Credit Card DebtCredit cards are a major feature in the personal debt scenario. Some people think that they are a sign of financial independence. But that is not the case if you are having to continuously pay your minimum balance. This puts you on the wrong side of being financially prudent! Remember that the interest rates on credit cards are 18% or higher. So try not to maintain balances that are close to the maximum limit. If you do you will be generating a fair amount of interest expense over time. This does not help your cause! Some financial experts would like eradicate this type of debt completely. And that should happen by the time you are thirty!

5) Be Proactive About Your Personal Investments! 

Be ProactiveDoes someone employ you? If so you most likely have a savings plan that your company contributes to! And the company usually contributes 50% to your plan. Your share generally represents 10% of your gross salary. If possible, you should contribute more. Additionally, make it a point to learn about other investment options. Look at blue chip stocks that have a growth pattern. Some will pay dividends. So add them to your portfolio. Investing in real estate can also be a good option. Having a few good rental returns won’t hurt. It is an excellent way to establish financial independence through passive income. So consider all of these types of investments to establish residual income! 

6) Continue Building And Don’t Settle For Limited Success

Continue BuildingThat means that you should prepare yorself to take additional calculated risks. This element is another characteristic of the wealthy. They are not minimalists. For example, if they are successful with one or two rental properties they will add another. One of the key aspects to having and sustaining wealth is to add new revenue sources. Individuals who are financially successful understand this concept. They don’t limit themselves. The reason is this. These individuals recognize that business and property ownership grow exponentially over time. So they continue to accumulate additional assets. They are persistent. Because they know that growth promotes financial independence!

7) Vigorously Fight Off The Phenomenon Called Failure! 

Avoid FailureThroughout history there have been success stories that involved complete losses during the path to sustained wealth. How many times have we read and seen wealthy individuals lose it all and then make new fortunes. I’m sure that you can think of one. And there are many others that you will know. This speaks to an intangible quality that must be presence at all times, perseverance. If you don’t have a significant measure of this, than you will experience sustained failure. So develop this quality. And do it early. It is very important to the concept of financial independence. Therefore start sowing the seeds in this quest with this measure.

8) Don’t Just Focus On Traditional Ways To Make Money! 

Be InnovativeNow you may not come up with the next innovative invention. However, you can certainly look at the possibility of improving  an existing one. You can even try writing and start by blogging on your own personal website. If you you think that those suggestions are a stretch, then consider network marketing or direct selling. In fact, this option is statistically the best way to achieve a solid residual income. On that note, I welcome you to review the guidelines referred to below first! The content addresses the proper approach to any MLM! The information will motivate you plus provide you with the “why” and the “how“. 

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Direct Selling Does Not Mean That You Have To Be A Good Salesperson!

Good SalespersonMany Individuals Think That You Have To Be A Good Salesperson In Order To Be Efficient At Direct Selling!

As A Result They Avoid Direct Selling Opportunities. So They Don’t Ever Find Out That They Already Have The Characteristics Of A Good Salesperson!

Consider The Following Six Core Sales Aspects And Assess Them In Terms Of Your Character. I Bet That You Already Possess Some Or All Of Them! In Other Words, You Are Already A Good Salesperson!

1) You Sell Something Every Day

Love SalesBelieve it or not, you are in a sales mode, daily! It does not matter what you do for income. Because you continuously convey your characteristics to the people that you come into contact with. Those characteristics all revolve around your value system. The people that you encounter either “purchase” that system or not! So being a good salesperson actually revolves around the inherent qualities that you already have. You may not think about them but being aware of them and even enhancing them will serve you well!

2) A Key Sales Quality That Is Good

No PressureA good salesperson doesn’t make promises or pressure individuals into buying anything. People who carry on in that manner don’t build relationships. They actually end them even before they start! Those same negative characteristics won’t help in the traditional job scenario either. Individuals who conduct themselves in that way don’t last very long. In essence, we all need to have positive relationships whether we are in sales or not! Just remember not to exert any undue pressure at any time!

3) Believe In Your Product Or Service

Believe In Your ProductAs far as selling is concerned you need to believe in your product or service. That starts with believing in yourself! It doesn’t matter whether you are selling ice to an Eskimo or yourself in the context of a job interview. You cannot excel at this activity if you have no belief! Even if the item is mediocre, it does not matter. People actually purchase You! So when you are choosing a direct selling opportunity to market, assess your initial reaction to it. Ask yourself if you believe in the product or service.

4) Do You Generally Like People? 

Do You Like PeopleIf you are not a “people” person you are going to handicap your achievements on all fronts. This may be the hardest hurdle to get over but it is possible! You will note that individuals who have gregarious personalities appear to do well in sales. It certainly is an advantage and you should take a page or two out of their books!  As in anything in life you have the power to change the path that you are on. Enhancing your people skills is a good thing. So do it. It won’t hurt you in the long run!

5) Cater To Your Customer First

Customer Comes FirstAlways address your customers needs first! Even if you do not make a sale! I once observed the actions of a salesperson that could of made a sale but chose not to. As it turned out the sales person realized something before his client did. He did not require the service that he thought he needed. The salesperson pointed out the reasons why which the customer had no clue about. This impressed me. An unscrupulous person would have taken advantage of the situation! This individual in this scenario is a good salesperson!

6) The Salesperson Litmus Test

The Litmus TestFinally, if you have conducted your sales activity efficiently there is this benefit. Your customer will be quite happy to purchase things from you in the future! That is the litmus test! This points to a successful relationship as well. Merchandise does not produce a good sales experience. People do! You can have attractive looking products, however, you can not build a sustainable business if your sales approach is lacking. Your customers are more likely to remember your helpful nature as opposed to the product that they purchased!

So You Are Already A Good Salesperson! Now Add To Those Qualities And Enhance Your Direct Selling Results. Use The “One Main Factor” Guidelines Plus “My Video Based Platform“ To Do So. Click Below:

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Is Your MLM Sabotaging Your Financial Future Or Securing It?

Financial FutureWe Technically Promote Our MLM Businesses To Secure Our Financial Future! But Many Of Us Don’t Give This Any Constructive Thought!

So That Causes Us To Go Through Our Daily Motions Like Robots! As A Result We Indirectly Sabotage Our Business Success And Our Financial Future In Numerous Ways!

We Have To Stop Being Slaves To Our Day To Day Habits That Cause This! We Should Focus On The Success Of Our MLM And Secure Our Financial Future! On That Note, I Invite You To Read The Following Five Subjective Tips:

1) The Word “No” Is Not A Bad Thing

Learn To Say NoHow many times do we tell ourselves to say “no” to something, then do it anyway. Do you recall the discomfort that you felt when it involved a monetary decision that went wrong? A few years ago I invested $50,000 in a magic show. The show occurred throughout Canada. My initial reaction was to decline the investment. The tour failed and the money literally went up in smoke. The impact on my financial future was devastating! I ended up with a debt that took me seven years to pay off! Learn to say no!

2) Procrastination Will Kill Everything

Do Not ProcrastinateIf you let this demon rule, prepare yourself to stay relatively poor all of your life! Learn how to take action quickly! Telling yourself I will do something tomorrow that you can do today, is a seriously bad habit. It will sabotage your financial future at every turn! Making your monetary decisions promptly is prudent. This does not mean that you should rush into making them either. Life is about balance. Mapping out a time frame to arrive at decision one way or the other is important. Don’t procrastinate!

3) Stop Keeping Up With Appearances

Avoid Being MaterialisticMany of us fall into this hole. As a result the materialistic aspects of the world that we live in influence us. We look at how our neighbor lives and try to emulate that individual’s style. So all that does, is lure us into purchasing things that we don’t need. This actually ties into the next point that has to do with our emotional connection to money. I sometimes think that we should relegate ourselves to living in a third world country. It could eradicate this unnecessary desire! Therefore learn how to stop spending money on frivolous things!

4) Emotions Are Fine But Watch Them

Watch Your EmotionsYou should remove them altogether from any financial decisions! The key ones to keep in check are greed and fear. They always lead to imprudent monetary decisions. Telling yourself that it is fine to take a holiday when you are having cash flow issues is an example. Justifying an expensive purchase and placing the cost on your credit card is another. Ultimately, you must understand your emotional connection to money in order to adjust your reactions to it. It does not buy happiness! Budgeting does!

5) You Must Develop Confidence! 

Increase Your Confidence LevelThe person that you see in the mirror is You! Therefore if you don’t have confidence in that individual, no one else will either! Using points one through four above I have an offer for you!  First, you can say yes to it instead of no! It is Free! Secondly, don’t procrastinate! Get to it right away! Thirdly, if you follow through with this, in two to five years you can be the one with the appearance! Fourthly, you can experience the emotion called “contentment” as much as you want! You will have plenty of money!

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What Is The Best Way To Conduct Your Direct Selling? (See Video)

Direct SellingAre You Contemplating Direct Selling As A Way To Create Lasting Financial Security?

If That Is True, You Are Making A Wise Decision! However You Must Consider Your Approach. The Correct Manner Is Important!

One Of Your Main Direct Selling Considerations Is Determining Your Target Audience!

Leverage Your IncomeNetwork marketing is the perfect vehicle to leverage your income. The video clip below will validate that. However, deciding who you should approach in terms of developing your direct selling business is important! This post addresses this “targeting” concern. That said, you may already be familiar with the term “warm market”. These folk include people that you already know. Examples are immediate family members, childhood friends, high school folk and university associates.

Potential Audience

This number of people can be surprisingly large. Basically these individuals constitute your warm market. The primary question is, “Should you approach this potential audience?” The second thing is, if you elect to do so, can you establish a down-line from this group? In any event, targeting one’s warm market does have its obstacles. Furthermore, it will take time to build. These individuals do look like the correct target group. However targeting them does not produce sustained growth over time.

Your Warm Market Does Not Take Your Direct Selling Opportunity Seriously!

SkepticismQuite often close relations will not join your company. These people are the most challenging group to influence. This is true regarding entry into a network marketing business. The issue is this. You know these people. Plus your relationship with them has existed for a long time. The odds are that they will not take you seriously. Plus they will disregard the service and the products. They will view the business with a degree of skepticism. So they ignore your commentary about the platform.

Steer ClearRelatives can be unresponsive to other family members. And I say this in the context of a business setting. So that is the case for sure when you market something to them. They turn down network marketing businesses more often than not. Plus they will steer clear of you. And you might believe that you have some contagious disease. Furthermore, these individuals will try to benefit from having a close relationship. They will ask for free merchandise in exchange for joining the business. So don’t let this request surprise you.

Direct Selling To People You Know Can Lead To A Degree Of Saturation!

SaturationLet’s imagine that a few of these persons do join your networking company. No doubt they will begin their business in a similar fashion. That is they will attempt to build their organization by targeting their warm market too! This will result in some duplication. You will find yourself approaching the same individuals. That development can create a level of saturation. Mind you some of these prospects will generate some business growth. Nonetheless it will happen at a reduced rate.

EvidenceHere is another point to take into account. Your close friends and relatives will want to see evidence of success. So you must be able to display a degree of achievement. If not the odds of their joining your group decline. These individuals want to see concrete proof. An example of such would new car or some other high priced item. Even if you achieve this level of success you should focus on the following. Your primary aim should be to establish trust. Rule out the materialistic element!

Target Your Cold Market First With Regards To Your Direct Selling Efforts!

Not Your Target AudienceAll in all focusing on your warm market is not the best strategy. This is so in the initial building stages. As stated you won’t see growth in your down-line. That is due to its specific nature. The people who make up this number will all possess diverse motivations. Plus their experiences will differ. They also do not represent a defined target audience. In essence, you are making the following assumption. These individuals are going to join your networking business because they know you. This is not so!

Target Your Cold MarketYour strategy should be as follows. Begin building your business with your cold market first. This will involve targeting prospects who have at least expressed an initial interest in your business opportunity. Implementing this method removes having to “hard” sell your warm market. Approach these individuals at a later stage. Do so after you have created a notable level of achievement. Friends and close relatives are more likely to consider your proposals at that time! In the meantime, deploy the guidelines highlighted below to build your business!

You Should Use All Of The Direct Selling Tips Above And The “One Main Factor” Guidelines to Build Your Business. Review Them And Add Video Content Too By Clicking On “My Video Based Platform” Below!

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