Is Your MLM Sabotaging Your Financial Future Or Securing It?

Financial FutureWe Technically Promote Our MLM Businesses To Secure Our Financial Future! But Many Of Us Don’t Give This Any Constructive Thought!

So That Causes Us To Go Through Our Daily Motions Like Robots! As A Result We Indirectly Sabotage Our Business Success And Our Financial Future In Numerous Ways!

We Have To Stop Being Slaves To Our Day To Day Habits That Cause This! We Should Focus On The Success Of Our MLM And Secure Our Financial Future! On That Note, I Invite You To Read The Following Five Subjective Tips:

1) The Word “No” Is Not A Bad Thing

Learn To Say NoHow many times do we tell ourselves to say “no” to something, then do it anyway. Do you recall the discomfort that you felt when it involved a monetary decision that went wrong? A few years ago I invested $50,000 in a magic show. The show occurred throughout Canada. My initial reaction was to decline the investment. The tour failed and the money literally went up in smoke. The impact on my financial future was devastating! I ended up with a debt that took me seven years to pay off! Learn to say no!

2) Procrastination Will Kill Everything

Do Not ProcrastinateIf you let this demon rule, prepare yourself to stay relatively poor all of your life! Learn how to take action quickly! Telling yourself I will do something tomorrow that you can do today, is a seriously bad habit. It will sabotage your financial future at every turn! Making your monetary decisions promptly is prudent. This does not mean that you should rush into making them either. Life is about balance. Mapping out a time frame to arrive at decision one way or the other is important. Don’t procrastinate!

3) Stop Keeping Up With Appearances

Avoid Being MaterialisticMany of us fall into this hole. As a result the materialistic aspects of the world that we live in influence us. We look at how our neighbor lives and try to emulate that individual’s style. So all that does, is lure us into purchasing things that we don’t need. This actually ties into the next point that has to do with our emotional connection to money. I sometimes think that we should relegate ourselves to living in a third world country. It could eradicate this unnecessary desire! Therefore learn how to stop spending money on frivolous things!

4) Emotions Are Fine But Watch Them

Watch Your EmotionsYou should remove them altogether from any financial decisions! The key ones to keep in check are greed and fear. They always lead to imprudent monetary decisions. Telling yourself that it is fine to take a holiday when you are having cash flow issues is an example. Justifying an expensive purchase and placing the cost on your credit card is another. Ultimately, you must understand your emotional connection to money in order to adjust your reactions to it. It does not buy happiness! Budgeting does!

5) You Must Develop Confidence! 

Increase Your Confidence LevelThe person that you see in the mirror is You! Therefore if you don’t have confidence in that individual, no one else will either! Using points one through four above I have an offer for you!  First, you can say yes to it instead of no! It is Free! Secondly, don’t procrastinate! Get to it right away! Thirdly, if you follow through with this, in two to five years you can be the one with the appearance! Fourthly, you can experience the emotion called “contentment” as much as you want! You will have plenty of money!

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