Opportunity Knocks Silently In The MLM Arena Too. Are You Prepared?

Opportunity KnocksWhenever Opportunity Knocks How Would You Characterize Your Initial Reaction?

I’ll Answer For You. Preparation Is Key! So How Prepared Are You? In Other Words, How Quickly Do You React As Far As Making An Initial Assessment?

Are You Slow To Respond When Opportunity Knocks? Do Your Habits Cause You To Miss Out? The One At The End This Post Is About How To Build A Network Marketing Concern Effectively.  

Butterfly Flight PatternI was contemplating the content of an online video that I had viewed the other day. It had to do with the nature of opportunities. What rang so true was the fact that opportunity knocks ever so silently! They appear for only a moment or two right in front of us. If we are oblivious and fail to be vigilant, we fail to take action. Ultimately we miss out! Imagine the flight pattern of a butterfly. It is dramatically unpredictable and haphazard. That’s how opportunities are! So you should learn to react and seize them!

Randomly StopNow let’s get back to the butterfly. It will randomly stop and take up residence for only a moment. Then it arbitrarily takes off within a couple of seconds! It is virtually impossible to anticipate where it will stop next and for how long. This will occur over and over. I can say that with absolute certainly. So opportunities are much like the flight patterns of the butterfly. Their movements are quiet. so we should always be vigilant. In the event that we are not paying attention, we will simply miss out on them. That will thwart any form of success!

Will The Following Scenario Identify You Whenever Opportunity Knocks?

ScenarioI was perusing the statistics pertaining to a few video emails that I had sent to various individuals. The content highlighted a link to the direct selling opportunity that I occasionally shared with people. I was making a specific assessment. It had to do with the number of individuals I had placed in a statistical category called “Not Looked”. These were individuals who I had previously spoken with about the platform. They were aware that I was sending them information. But none of them had even bothered to look at the email!

Time WastingWhat a waste of my time I thought! However, it was an eye-opener as far as human nature is concerned in terms of one’s reaction to an opportunity! People always show enthusiasm in person. But as soon as that moment passes that enthusiasm wanes. In my estimation this characteristic is a dangerous habit in the context of opportunities. In this case it doesn’t matter whether people decide to join the platform or not. The important component here is being in the habit of following through and making an assessment!

You Have Read This Far, Know That An Opportunity Knocks Right Now!

Human NatureThe above characterization probably describes all of us to some degree. So we must constantly monitor our own habits! Do you happen to be looking for an opportunity that can improve your financial status? If so then there is a platform at the end of this article that you can consider!  But your end decision as to what platform you choose is irrelevant for the moment. What is more important at this stage is whether you are person who follows through. If that is so it is a key quality and you will be an asset to any MLM team!

Powerful Thinking Powerful ResultsOn a final note, success takes on powerful dimensions when the ingredients are correct! So I no longer blindly invite people to just look at any opportunity. I attempt to make an assessment of one’s character first. I accomplish this by observing the person’s initial actions.This is the litmus test! So what I suggest to you at this juncture is to review something else first. Forget about network marketing for the moment. Follow through and watch the presentation listed below! You will understand why I suggest this first. Because you will know what it takes to be successful? Follow the steps ahead:

When Opportunity Knocks Always Follow Through. Review The “One Main Factor” Presentation And Enhance Your Business Building Results. Add “My Video Based Platform“ As Well! Click Below:

One Main Factor

Derive Your Financial Security With The Direct Selling Business Model!

Financial SecuritySome People View Financial Security As Something That Is Difficult to Achieve. Note That Direct Selling Is A Good Way! 

So You Should Exercise A Degree  Of Care As To How You Perceive Financial Security. If You Do Not Then It Can Definitely Allude You Forever!

Don’t Settle! Financial Security Is Quite Possible. Achieve It By Starting Out On The Correct Path With Your Network Marketing Business.

Stop Trading Time For MoneyEarning money in life is a necessity. And many of us earn money by the hour. The question is this. Do you want to earn more than a living? Exactly how much time do you have devote in order to earn one hundred dollars? At the end of the day it does not matter what your time is worth to someone else. It all boils down to this fact. You are trading time for money! This is the case even if you are a lawyer or a doctor.

These professions pay well but you still have to put in the time in order to derive the income. Converting time into money, more often than not, does not bring about financial security.

Just Over BrokeCertainly some doctors or lawyers end up becoming millionaires but what happens to the majority of them? Consider this! It so happens that I know a lawyer who charges over five hundred dollars per hour. At the time of this post this person was near seventy years of age and in massive debt! That is past retirement age. You would think that this person should be living off an ample stream of residual income.

That’s not the case. He or she must continue to work. Would you want to be in that position? A job (Just Over Broke) is not the answer! Continue reading. There is another way!

Now You May Still Think That A Job Is The Best Path To Financial Security! Consider The Following:

Secure RetirementI will assume at this juncture that I have not convinced anyone yet. So we can further assume that having a job is the most secure way. Have you given any thought to your retirement. How long is it going to take you to arrive at that juncture in life. What amount money do you need? You will certainly need a sound strategy which involves a savings plan. Even more important, you must invest it!

That means knowing something about the investment arena. If none of this is in place then you are like ship without a rudder. That is a path to nowhere in the financial sense. So there will be no retirement!

Resisual Income RocksTherefore one may say that retirement equals financial independence. And financial independence means having residual income. Plus note this fact. Income that we derive from any kind of job stops the second you turn off the clock. That is applicable even if you are earning five hundred dollars per hour! If you ask me most people don’t appear to give this any thought.

Pardon my harshness, but this is what I call “sheep mentality”. Sheep herders direct sheep into the field then back to the pen prior to sending them to the slaughter house. Does that describe your financial existence?

So What Is The Ideal Way To Create Financial Security? The Answer Is Through Something You Know!

Create Your FutureWell I hope that you are not thinking that I’m about to encourage you to stock up on lottery tickets! Or suggest that you wait for a distant rich cousin to die! The odds in scenarios like that are very much against you. To bet on that type of outcome is unrealistic and I’m sure that you are not a dreamer! If you truly desire financial security it won’t just fall out of the sky on your doorstep!

The best way to create financial independence is through network marketing! It is at least a sensible alternative to consider. Now you might ask me why! So here are some plausible reasons:

Your First StepsAll network marketing platforms have negligible entry fees. Therefore you can’t go bankrupt. You can build your business away from your current day job at your own pace. And it will take two to five years to establish the desired residual income. Because they are not get rich schemes! So it will take consistent work on your part. But if you prepare yourself to put in the effort, you will be successful. However consider this.

Before you start you should digest the guidelines in the presentation listed below. You must follow these steps in order to build a successful business. After you have watched this add video communication to the mix with the platform highlighted below too.

Create Financial Security Starting Today Using The Direct Selling Business Model. Review The Key Steps In The “One Main Factor” Presentation And Deploy “My Video Based Platform“ As Well!

One Main Factor

Network Marketing Success Results From Having A Strong Work Ethic!

Work EthicHave You Assessed Your Work Ethic Lately As far As Your Direct Selling Business Is Concerned?

Having A Strong Work Ethic Is Another Key Requirement. That Is If You Desire Network Marketing Success!

In Fact, You Need A Solid Work Ethic For Any Form Of Success! Consider Five Intangible Qualities. They All Contribute To This Aspect.

1) Your Work Ethic Must Include Integrity.

Have IntegrityIntegrity extends to all facets of what you do in life. That includes work related activity and non-work situations. So are you a person who demonstrates a strong work ethic? If so that demonstrates dependability and trustworthiness. That will always stand out with regard to your network marketing business. Your team members will respect your frank feedback. Your customers will have confidence in the guidance. They will be content to purchase the products or services that you offer. Individuals will indirectly depend on your ethical standards. They will regard you as a trusted authority.

2) Your Work Ethic Demonstrates Responsibility.

Demonstrate ResponsibilityIf you have a solid work ethic then you are keenly aware of accountability. Having this awareness impacts how you function. It affects how you get through the work load that is in front of you. Your business associates and customers will see this quality. It becomes apparent in your overall work performance.  If you are a person that demonstrates a sense of personal responsibility. You are an individual who shows up on time. Plus you always put in your best effort. These qualities will stand out. Plus they will impress your team members. So make sure that this is at the forefront of your direct selling endeavors!

3) Your Work Ethic Puts Focus On Good Quality.

Focus On QualityOne cannot do the bare minimum and expect quality work. One must put in effort and time to produce quality. So if you are a person who demonstrates a strong work ethic the following is true. You care about standards. And you don’t just focus on outcomes. Plus you always put in more effort when required. You do your utmost best to produce results that are impressive. Quality is important to you. So you do not take short-cuts. Time and effort are elements that you always embrace. You don’t just churn things out. When you focus on quality you also focus on the “How”! 

4) Your Work Ethic Highlights Self Discipline.

Cultivate Self DisciplineYou are no doubt aware that your daily tasks all require a degree of self discipline. That is a requirement if you wish to complete them. In other words, you must foster a level of commitment. It is also a requirement if you are to be successful. So are you an individual who exercises discipline and commitment? If so it means that you always remain focused on your goals. You always complete assignments. Determination is part of your character. And you always demonstrate dedication. These are other characteristics that also stand out. They are great qualities to have.

5) Your Work Ethic Embraces The Idea Of Teamwork.

Encourage Team WorkFinally, if you have a good work ethic it will promote and foster good teamwork. Establishing this element in any business setting guarantees success. Therefore, constructive teamwork is most important. And that applies to the network marketing or the direct selling industry. So consider this question at this juncture. If you are not a network marketer already, does the home business model have your interest? That is in terms of establishing financial independence? If so consider the points made in this post. Then use them in conjunction with the information below.

Develop A Solid Work Ethic. Adopt A Positive Mindset. Use The “One Main Factor” Principles Plus The Features In “My Video Based Platform” To Generate Network Marketing Success. Click Below:

One Main Factor

Financial Independence Is Most Achievable With Direct Selling!

Financial IndependenceFinancial Independence Is Not Something Only Reserved For Other People! You Can Achieve It Too With The Right Approach! 

But If You Truly Desire Financial Independence You Have To Take Action! The Network Marketing Business Is The Ideal Starting Point!

So Consider The Following  If You Are Already a Network Marketer Looking To Improve Your Results. Also Do So If You Are About To Start A Business. Review Eight Tips For Financial Independence:

1) Where Do Your Finances Stand Right Now? 

The Traditional ApproachSecuring financial independence involves making sound economic decisions. And you do this over the course of a lifetime. You typically begins this process in  your early twenties. So it normally occurs right after finishing university when you join the work force!  At that point you should adopt an established wealth-building strategy. Sticking to this plan should put you on a path to attain financial security by retirement age. At least this is the theory if you have the determination. So one can achieve this objective at any age. It may mean that you have to use nontraditional methods, but it is achievable.This is the traditional approach. 

2) You Must Practice Self Discipline For Success. 

Practice Self DisciplineThe problem with the above path is that is a rife with pitfalls. But that doesn’t mean that it’s next to impossible either. However, you must exercise discipline. And you must be even more so when managing your monetary affairs. Too often people deviate from their course of action. This will always scuttle any financial objective. Just observe people who have achieved financial independence. Note that they apply a strong degree of discipline. They follow certain monetary guidelines. And here are three key ones to demonstrate this point. They never live above their means. They don’t purchase new cars every three months. Nor do they borrow against their savings!

3) Being Careful With Your Money Is Critical

Be Careful With Your MoneyFinancial independence is not just about knowing how to create it. You must know how to preserve it as well! How many times have you heard stories about lottery winners who have lost all of their winnings. This has happened in many cases soon after the person collected their windfall.  Not knowing how to manage money is the cause! Unfortunately, no one teaches preservation. You will have learn this as you navigate financial matters. You can start this process by considering ways to reduce your every day expenses. That can be as simple as doing some of your own repair and maintenance. It is a great way to be careful with your money. But your ultimate goal is to budget and be consistent.

4) Do You Currently Owe A Lot Of Credit Card Debt? 

Eliminate Credit Card DebtCredit cards are a major feature in the personal debt scenario. Some people think that they are a sign of financial independence. But that is not the case if you are having to continuously pay your minimum balance. This puts you on the wrong side of being financially prudent! Remember that the interest rates on credit cards are 18% or higher. So try not to maintain balances that are close to the maximum limit. If you do you will be generating a fair amount of interest expense over time. This does not help your cause! Some financial experts would like eradicate this type of debt completely. And that should happen by the time you are thirty!

5) Be Proactive About Your Personal Investments! 

Be ProactiveDoes someone employ you? If so you most likely have a savings plan that your company contributes to! And the company usually contributes 50% to your plan. Your share generally represents 10% of your gross salary. If possible, you should contribute more. Additionally, make it a point to learn about other investment options. Look at blue chip stocks that have a growth pattern. Some will pay dividends. So add them to your portfolio. Investing in real estate can also be a good option. Having a few good rental returns won’t hurt. It is an excellent way to establish financial independence through passive income. So consider all of these types of investments to establish residual income! 

6) Continue Building And Don’t Settle For Limited Success

Continue BuildingThat means that you should prepare yorself to take additional calculated risks. This element is another characteristic of the wealthy. They are not minimalists. For example, if they are successful with one or two rental properties they will add another. One of the key aspects to having and sustaining wealth is to add new revenue sources. Individuals who are financially successful understand this concept. They don’t limit themselves. The reason is this. These individuals recognize that business and property ownership grow exponentially over time. So they continue to accumulate additional assets. They are persistent. Because they know that growth promotes financial independence!

7) Vigorously Fight Off The Phenomenon Called Failure! 

Avoid FailureThroughout history there have been success stories that involved complete losses during the path to sustained wealth. How many times have we read and seen wealthy individuals lose it all and then make new fortunes. I’m sure that you can think of one. And there are many others that you will know. This speaks to an intangible quality that must be presence at all times, perseverance. If you don’t have a significant measure of this, than you will experience sustained failure. So develop this quality. And do it early. It is very important to the concept of financial independence. Therefore start sowing the seeds in this quest with this measure.

8) Don’t Just Focus On Traditional Ways To Make Money! 

Be InnovativeNow you may not come up with the next innovative invention. However, you can certainly look at the possibility of improving  an existing one. You can even try writing and start by blogging on your own personal website. If you you think that those suggestions are a stretch, then consider network marketing or direct selling. In fact, this option is statistically the best way to achieve a solid residual income. On that note, I welcome you to review the guidelines referred to below first! The content addresses the proper approach to any MLM! The information will motivate you plus provide you with the “why” and the “how“. 

Start On Your Road To Financial Independence. Use The “One Main Factor” Guidelines And “My Video Based Platform” To Hone Your Direct Selling Results. This Is The Right Approach For Success!

One Main Factor