Start Creating Substantial Residual Income From Network Marketing!

Residual IncomeWhat Does Residual Income Mean To You? Do You Know What It Is?

A Definition Of Residual Income Could Be This.  It Is An Ongoing Monetary Flow That You Work For Only Once!

Whether You Knew This Or Not The Odds Are Are High That Both Of Us Desire Residual Income! So How Do We Establish It?

Financial RiskOne of the most ideal ways to establish residual income for life is through network marketing. The financial risk is negligible but the upside potential is tremendous. So entering this field is a good decision. Not mapping out how you will build your business is a bad one. But I will address that a little later in this post! The key is to adhere to the required process so that you achieve the results that you desire. Your goal is to establish financial success.

Network Marketing ApproachSo how does one approach network marketing? The answer is, like a traditional business. It is not a get rich quick scheme. You should plan on taking two to five years to build your organization. It requires an energetic and structured approach right from start. You can draw an analogy from a rocket launch. When is that energy dissipated? It happens right at the beginning of the launch! Network marketing or direct selling is quite similar.

How Do You Go About Deciding Which MLM Is The Best Residual Income Candidate?

Current TrendsYou should look at current trends in various industries when choosing your network marketing platform. One industry that is trending is the health one. It is growing in leaps and bounds. And it will most likely become more popular than Facebook and Twitter! So right now there are numerous network marketing platforms in existence that target this market. However, that does not mean that you should join a direct selling company that caters to this industry. Just consider this aspect for now.

Website RankingCertainly also look at MLM businesses that rank near the top. That is, in terms of sales growth. If the products are selling that is a key consideration. You can verify this fact by going to the website ranking service, Alexa. In so doing you will also note  the following. The health industry does have a number of highly ranked network marketing platforms. So one does have a number of them choose from and health products are popular! However, that does not mean that you have to choose from that industry.

What Are The Steps That You Should Take Towards Establishing Residual Income?

Team EffortNow this article is not about your joining my network marketing company either. It is about establishing residual income using the MLM business model. You can certainly enroll in my company but I don’t encourage people to join for the sake of joining.  In fact I don’t have any direct links on my website for you to do so. Attempting to earn a small commission at the first chance is not building a business! The goal is to build a strong team. That generates success in the MLM industry. Plus establishing relationships is key.

Build Your BusinessSo are you a team player? If so that is great! That is a key quality. It will help you to build your network and grow a successful business. But it all starts with the development of the right approach. And you can review this information just below. It involves the implementation of some specific guidelines. This is the first step to mapping out how to build your business the correct way. Start now! Create the residual income that you desire! 

Deriving Residual Income From Network Marketing Using The One Main Factor Guidelines! Click Below To Access That Information And Also Review My Video Based Platform To Build Your Business!

One Main Factor

Direct Selling Can Yield Dividends But Is It Within Your Risk Level?

Risk Level

Do You Ever Stop To Think About The Risk Level That You Are Comfortable With?

The Reason I Ask Is That Ones Risk Level Directly Impacts Financial Independence! If You Desire That You Will Have To Take Some!

But Note That All Network Marketing Platforms Have Very Low Financial Risk Associated With Them! So You Do Not Have To Dial Up Your Risk Level For That! 

1)  Where Are You At?

Zero RiskCreating financial independence ultimately means entering the business world. It also means understanding your approach to risk taking. What risk level are you comfortable with? If you are entirely risk adverse you are not on the path to financial freedom! That is a fundamental truth in this life! So are you fearful of taking risks? If so your income most likely only comes from a job. And by the way the word “Job” means “Just Over Broke“! Doing what others tell you to do is a state of mind. But this is really not your fault. This programming happens to all of us right from the time we start grade school. Rarely does anyone teach us how to make money!

2) Reinvent Yourself!

Reinvent YourselfBy the time we graduate from college we come out totally brain-washed. In the job scenario, you trade time for money. This aimless, robotic way of generating income severely decreases the odds of achieving financial security. This is the case even if you have a high paying job and are able to save money. Your status is still that of a financially handicapped person! If you are totally afraid to take a risk, you are not likely to aggressively invest your savings. Perhaps knowing individuals who have lost their entire investment portfolio promotes this thought. Either way, you are still on a path that points away from ultimate financial security! If you want to change this direction then you must change your thinking!

3) Get Real About This!

Get RealTherefore, taking absolutely no risk puts you firmly in the 40-40-40 club. You work forty hours a day for forty years of your life. Then you attempt to retire on forty percent of the income which you can’t afford to live on now! If you desire financial success the following point should be painfully obvious. You need to have a slightly higher tolerance to risk taking. If you wish to ensure that you remain financially secure throughout your life consider network marketing! The risk is minimal and the upside potential is tremendous. Plus you can begin lowering the odds of failure right away. And you do that before you sign up to any platform by reviewing the presentation below first! Those success oriented tips apply to any direct selling concern!

Don’t Let Your Risk Level Be A Barrier To Ultimate Financial Security! Adopt The Correct Strategy From The “One Main Factor” Presentation. Plus Review “My Video Based Platform“ As Well.

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Your Commitment Level Is Key To Your Network Marketing Success!

Commitment LevelHave You Stopped To Consider Your Commitment Level?

Do You Understand The Power Of Having A Solid Level Of Commitment?

Maintaining Your Commitment Level Is Like Filling Up Your Car With Gas. Did You Fill Up Today And I’m Not Talking About Gas?

Intangible AspectYou may ask why am I writing about this intangible aspect given that my website is about various marketing strategies. Bear with me! Maybe this will make some sense. It struck me that any successful outcome hinges on one’s commitment level. In turn, you can tie that success directly to effective decision making. So I want to talk, or write, about the decision making process. Consider this following scenario.

Imagine you are trying to determine whether you should embrace a new business venture or not. My question to you is, “How committed are you to the assessment process?” And I’m not talking about your eventual decision. I’m talking about the process before the decision!

A Proposed Answer And An Illustration About Commitment Level!

A Proposed AnswerLet me answer this as if you were asking me the question. I’ll frame my answer around the network marketing industry. The process of joining any MLM business starts out by inviting a prospect to initially assess the opportunity. Once that person has made that initial assessment one follows up immediately. One does this with a three way call with another team member. These so called core steps help one to build this business.

What I have found is that one can waste a lot of time in this process. People generally don’t commit, at least underneath the surface. They don’t keep time. These folk fail to make the initial assessment so you have to reschedule your three-way call. And they don’t answer the phone! The list goes on. Aggravating, to say the least!

Structure A Scenario That Inspires A Level Of Commitment!

Structure A ScenarioSo how does one avoid this set of circumstances? How do we determine commitment level in a given prospect. I mean this is something that we even come across day in and day out in our social circumstances. People don’t show up at the time they say they will. They don’t call to say they will be late and so on. Actually, it would be pretty neat if we could assess this intangible quality beforehand.

Maybe someone can come up with some sophisticated scanning device. Well that’s not likely to happen soon but I have a solution. Again, I’ll use the network marketing industry to highlight the answer. The key is not to approach anyone with your direct sales opportunity! Let them approach you first! The commitment level becomes apparent in this case.

Encourage Your Prospects To Have A Level Of Commitment!

Encourage Your ProspectsThink about it. In the scenario described above you are the one doing all the chasing. It adds up to one tedious exercise. Now if you are reading this I do not know your intentions. You maybe looking for an opportunity. Or you may have questions because you are a current network marketer. Another reason is that my direct selling platform may interest you. If so it does happen to be the number one home business opportunity in terms of sales growth!

Or, you may just like reading my articles. Thank you either way! In any case, I don’t have any idea about your commitment level. So feel free to contact me. We can then acquaint one another with each other. We should find out more about each other including our individual levels of commitment!

Increase Your Level Of Commitment! Stop Treading Water!

Treading WaterOn a final thought consider this. If you needed a medical procedure done, does your doctor come looking for you to do it? I don’t think so! You had better have the sense and commitment level to go to the doctor! This applies in any other service industry or business, inclusive of network marketing. If the entity offers you a solution, no-one has to tell you to make the decision. You go to that source and acquire what they are offering.

The same thing goes with regards to direct selling! If the platform offers a solution to the individual assessing it, he or she will express his or her interest. My last comment is a recommendation. Review the presentation guidelines highlighted below. It requires that you take a small action that can lead to large result!

Positive Actions Produce Successful Results. So Enforce Your Commitment Level! Review The “One Main Factor” Presentation Guidelines And “My Video Based Platform” To Accomplish This!

One Main Factor

Learn How To Establish A Home Business Income The Correct Way!

Home Business IncomeNine To Five Is Boring! So Are You Ready For A Change? If Yes There Is An Option! Establish A Home Business Income?

Many People Are Doing This Quite Successfully! So Why Not You?  Creating A Significant Home Business Income Is Very Achievable If You Have A Plan!

Start Creating Your Home Business Income Today. Use The Correct Approach Based On Some Interesting Concepts That You Can Access From This Post!

Invent Your FutureBeing able to work from your home provides you with an exciting new way to create financial freedom. In today’s modern society, combined with the current economic climate, establishing a home business income is almost essential. In terms of creating residual income, it really is the most effective method to consider. The online world has indirectly encouraged many people to embrace the direct selling business model. Today there are many MLMs to choose from.

First StepHowever, it does not matter what network marketing platform you end up choosing. There is an important first step that you must consider! Mind you, that does not mean that your eventual choice is unimportant! There are some criteria that you should take into account when selecting a company but that is for another discussion. The key factor that you should assess prior to selecting any company is YOU! And the assessment you make has to do with the way you think!

Establish Your Home Business Income With The Correct Mindset If You Wish To Achieve Financial Success!

Have A Positive MindsetThis aspect may surprise you but it is crucial! What are your desires and how do you go about accomplishing your goals at present? How focused are you when it comes to “consistency”? Are you a person with drive? Or are you only comfortable when someone tells you what to do? What is your mindset? Qualities that promote financial success are intangible but one can plant and nurture them. This is a must if you are to accomplish anything in life! 

Make An AssessmentOn that note, just because a lot of people live mediocre financial existences. You do not have to end up on this road to nowhere! So why not make this assessment of yourself as set out at the end of this post? For one, it is FREE! Which means that you can accomplish this task before you spend a dime on any direct selling platform! In other words, you can “learn how to drive before you purchase the car!” Isn’t that a logical way to proceed in any event? 

The Ingredients Below Are Key No Matter What MLM Entity You Attempt To Derive Your Home Business Income From!

Create Success Avoid FailureHopefully this article has peaked your interest. If so by all means continue reading. Because ground floor knowledge is what you will uncover. It will show you how to build your business with the correct mindset! Note that a large percentage of people who join direct selling companies, fail! These individuals who succumb to failure, simply don’t develop the correct way of thinking! So they don’t develop the correct approach. Along with other key missing ingredients for success, it is the chief reason!

Something MotivationalTherefore consider the following before you choose a business opportunity. I encourage you to listen to the information set out in a specific presentation. The program outlines the concepts that you must put in place in order to be successful. The content is very motivational. An interesting gentleman presents the information. He has earned over seven figures in network marketing. Follow in the steps of someone who is already successful! Then consider the platform below.

Put The “One Main Factor” Guidelines To Work And Enhance Your Home Business Income! Add The Features Offered In “My Video Based Platform” And Create A New Level Of Engagement!

One Main Factor

Seize Opportunity If You Want Network Marketing Success!

Seize OpportunityPrecisely What Do The Words”Seize Opportunity” Convey To You?

I’m Thinking Many People Don’t Even Attempt To Seize Opportunity When It Is In Front Of Them!

They Are Not Aware And Blindly Tread Life’s Waters. So They Miss Many Of Them!  You Must Seize Opportunity If You Desire Success!

How Do You Approach OpportunityWhat should happen when one sees an opportunity? That person should react. So this article has to do with one’s approach. On the surface it may not appear to relate to network marketing. However it certainly has a bearing! Let me ask you these questions. Is it in your nature to seize opportunity when it presents itself? Or are you slow to take action? To make my point let me give you a visual analogy. You most likely have watched a fishing program on television. I certainly have at one time or the other. Plus you may have gone fishing numerous times if you like the sport.

Catching A FishThere is a common thread that runs between premise of this article and catching a fish! Visualize this particular fishing scenario for an instant! What happens when someone feels a bite on their line? Does that  person rest the fishing rod down somewhere and start reading a book? I imagine not!  What we immediately see is a frenzied reaction by both the angler and the fish!  In this instance, the individual struggles to catch the fish. The fish inevitably struggles to free itself from the hook! it is an energetic encounter. Both the angler and the fish attempt to seize opportunity.

You Must Mold Yourself To Seize Opportunity!

React SwiftlyThe scenario referred to above demonstrates two different opportunities but the same motivation. Furthermore, the lesson derived from that situation is that we need to react swiftly. We must also be effective when an opportunity presents itself. If our reaction is inefficient, we will forfeit the opportunity. In scenario above we will fail to catch the fish. But the fish will succeed with its opportunity. It will get off the hook! So ask yourself, “What do I do when I have an opportunity in front of me?” “Do I put my fishing rod down and start reading?” “Do I wait for someone to tell me what to do?” “Or do I react and seize it?”

PositioningYour mindset will always dictate how you react to any given opportunity? If you are timid your reaction will be likewise. If you are aggressive you will position yourself strategically. Plus you will do so more times than not! So success in life is about positioning oneself. You must do that if you are to seize your opportunities. That is the case if you are going to be successful at network marketing. It boils down to assessing your internal workings first. This means leaning how to be introspective. You have an opportunity right now to educate yourself on introspection! So seize it!

To Seize Opportunity Means Taking Action!

Inaction Or ActionMany of us protest that we are never receive any opportunities. That isn’t the case. Everyone encounters opportunities. We all receive our fair share of them! In my opinion you will encounter quite a few. You just has to be observant. But you must also prime yourself to seize them! Your overall life plan should be. “not to have a fixed plan!” At least that should be the case as far as opportunities are concerned. Establish the fixed plan after you have seized the opportunity! Accomplishment is about taking action. If you do nothing in life you will wind up having “a nothing life!”

A Few OpportunitiesI happen to have few opportunities here on my website. The direct selling business model is the main focus. But more importantly there is a specific road map that I encourage you to take first. That path revolves around a key presentation that I list at the end of this post. And I encourage you to gather that knowledge on building any business first and foremost. If I am to be successful you must be successful! So I actually insist on you getting that knowledge. I’m not looking to recruit for sake of recruiting. My motto is to help you to help yourself towards financial independence!

Seize Opportunity Right Now. Review “One Main Factor” Presentation And Begin Enhancing Your Direct Selling Results. Plus Use “My Video Based Platform“ In Your Overall Strategy Too!

One Main Factor

Derive Your Financial Security With The Direct Selling Business Model!

Financial SecuritySome People View Financial Security As Something That Is Difficult to Achieve. Note That Direct Selling Is A Good Way! 

So You Should Exercise A Degree  Of Care As To How You Perceive Financial Security. If You Do Not Then It Can Definitely Allude You Forever!

Don’t Settle! Financial Security Is Quite Possible. Achieve It By Starting Out On The Correct Path With Your Network Marketing Business.

Stop Trading Time For MoneyEarning money in life is a necessity. And many of us earn money by the hour. The question is this. Do you want to earn more than a living? Exactly how much time do you have devote in order to earn one hundred dollars? At the end of the day it does not matter what your time is worth to someone else. It all boils down to this fact. You are trading time for money! This is the case even if you are a lawyer or a doctor.

These professions pay well but you still have to put in the time in order to derive the income. Converting time into money, more often than not, does not bring about financial security.

Just Over BrokeCertainly some doctors or lawyers end up becoming millionaires but what happens to the majority of them? Consider this! It so happens that I know a lawyer who charges over five hundred dollars per hour. At the time of this post this person was near seventy years of age and in massive debt! That is past retirement age. You would think that this person should be living off an ample stream of residual income.

That’s not the case. He or she must continue to work. Would you want to be in that position? A job (Just Over Broke) is not the answer! Continue reading. There is another way!

Now You May Still Think That A Job Is The Best Path To Financial Security! Consider The Following:

Secure RetirementI will assume at this juncture that I have not convinced anyone yet. So we can further assume that having a job is the most secure way. Have you given any thought to your retirement. How long is it going to take you to arrive at that juncture in life. What amount money do you need? You will certainly need a sound strategy which involves a savings plan. Even more important, you must invest it!

That means knowing something about the investment arena. If none of this is in place then you are like ship without a rudder. That is a path to nowhere in the financial sense. So there will be no retirement!

Resisual Income RocksTherefore one may say that retirement equals financial independence. And financial independence means having residual income. Plus note this fact. Income that we derive from any kind of job stops the second you turn off the clock. That is applicable even if you are earning five hundred dollars per hour! If you ask me most people don’t appear to give this any thought.

Pardon my harshness, but this is what I call “sheep mentality”. Sheep herders direct sheep into the field then back to the pen prior to sending them to the slaughter house. Does that describe your financial existence?

So What Is The Ideal Way To Create Financial Security? The Answer Is Through Something You Know!

Create Your FutureWell I hope that you are not thinking that I’m about to encourage you to stock up on lottery tickets! Or suggest that you wait for a distant rich cousin to die! The odds in scenarios like that are very much against you. To bet on that type of outcome is unrealistic and I’m sure that you are not a dreamer! If you truly desire financial security it won’t just fall out of the sky on your doorstep!

The best way to create financial independence is through network marketing! It is at least a sensible alternative to consider. Now you might ask me why! So here are some plausible reasons:

Your First StepsAll network marketing platforms have negligible entry fees. Therefore you can’t go bankrupt. You can build your business away from your current day job at your own pace. And it will take two to five years to establish the desired residual income. Because they are not get rich schemes! So it will take consistent work on your part. But if you prepare yourself to put in the effort, you will be successful. However consider this.

Before you start you should digest the guidelines in the presentation listed below. You must follow these steps in order to build a successful business. After you have watched this add video communication to the mix with the platform highlighted below too.

Create Financial Security Starting Today Using The Direct Selling Business Model. Review The Key Steps In The “One Main Factor” Presentation And Deploy “My Video Based Platform“ As Well!

One Main Factor

Self Discipline Is A Must In The Network Marketing Arena!

Self DisciplineAre You Content With Your Level Of Self Discipline In Terms Of Your Network Marketing Activities?

First, Whether You Are Or Not, You Are Going To Need It. It Is A Must If You Are To Be Successful At Relationship Marketing!

The Self Discipline That Others Possess Won’t Help You!

Look At YourselfDo you ever stop to consider your personal measure of self discipline? It is probably something that many of us do not do. I mean, after-all, does someone teach us introspection? So lately I have been focusing on myself. And that applies to a number of things. I’m watching my diet and I’m writing every day for one! I have even increased the amount of exercise that I do too! Typically, I would ignore things like this. I mean, who cares? What I started to realize is, if I don’t, no-one else will either!

You Must Take ActionSo lets bounce this idea around a little further. Suppose I have a concern for someone. First of all I cannot exert any real influence over something that they have to do to address the concern. As an illustration imagine that person has to follow an exercise regimen. The enthusiasm that I show encouraging that person has no bearing on the results! So the person in question has to actually perform. If not he or she will never experience any benefits! Therefore my caring would mean nothing to either of us!

It Takes Time To Cultivate Self Discipline!

Successful OutcomesIn the above scenario the crucial component that needs to be present is self discipline. It is essential for all successful outcomes. So not only do you need to be aware of it but, you need to exercise it on several levels. As an example brushing one’s teeth prior to going to bed every evening is a necessary routine. However, it entails deploying self discipline to small degree in order to solidify the habit! If you are living your life and ignoring self discipline, you are setting yourself up for failure on several fronts.

Bad DecisionsThere is a reason why I can say this. It is because I have experienced the consequences of making bad decisions. And those choices stemmed from not exercising self discipline. To date I have enjoyed the rewards of exercising it. So consider this! It enhances your overall existence in three key areas. You elevate the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life! Those elements happen to make up one’s biorhythm. They represent the foundation of your existence and self discipline impacts all of them!

Taking Consistent Action Requires Self Discipline!

Consistency Is RepetitionEmpower Network is a blogging platform that I encountered a few years ago. As a result I found the following fact to be intriguing. They encourage you to write every day! Now that requires self discipline! Furthermore it also highlights what you need to do if you have a personal website. You must add content consistently if you wish to promote it. The idea of writing on a regular basis was like a foreign language to me before! I was totally clueless. However I have risen to the challenge. So I produce more articles now!

Get Your Mind In GearIf you wish to establish network marketing success you need to review the platforms listed below. And you need some other basic tools. You must create a website. You should blog everyday. Plus you have to use other platforms in this quest. That actually is the easy part. The hard part is assessing your character. It even becomes tougher to change things that need changing! Do you have self discipline? Is taking swift action in your DNA? Or are you prone to procrastinating? So this characteristic must be in place. It is the foundation for success!

So Foster Your Self Discipline And Blog Regularly In Terms Of Your Network Marketing Business. Also Review The “One Main Factor” Tips Plus Add Video Content Using “My Video Based Platform“. 

One Main Factor

I Define Poverty As Having A Job! Network Marketing Counters That!

Define PovertyHow Do Define Poverty? Do You View It As An Unfortunate Condition?

Or Do You Define Poverty As Something That Is A Necessary Part Of Life?

Perhaps There Are Numerous Definitions! But Here In The Western World, I Define Poverty As Being In A Particular State Of Mind!

Poverty Of The MindIn the event that you define poverty as a physical circumstance, I will agree. However, I disagree if you view it as strictly physical! Mind you we see images of abject poverty every day. However, that kind of poverty is mainly prevalent in a lot of third world countries. For the majority of us who reside in traditional western cultures, poverty is a condition that resides in our heads! I sometimes wonder if this kind of poverty is worse then the latter!

Mental HealthIn many third world countries poverty does not mean the lack of happiness! We are likely to see many more unhappy situations in our western cultures. For instance we see far more instances of suicides! How many stories have we read where this has affected the extremely wealthy. I propose that we all see a lot of the poverty stricken situations in these so-called advanced nations. But they stem from poor mental states or psychological deficiencies!

I Suggest That The Inner Workings Of Your Mind Define Poverty, Or Not!

Stuck Trading Time For MoneyYou might ask what is an example of a poor mental state in the western world. I would say failing to take action in terms of your financial success is a perfect illustration. Most people have bosses who tell them what to do. They have to rely on the innovative spirit of someone else in order to derive monetary benefit. In other words they need a boss! They can cannot elevate themselves above receiving a paycheck. They trade time for money! 

Robotic MotionsI imagine that many folk who fall into this category don’t even stop to analyze their situations. They go through the typical, robotic motions of an employee, every day. I regard this situation as modern day slavery! I have to smile when I hear people who exist this way describe their every day lives as “busy”! What do they think that they are busy doing? I bet they never stop to think that they are fulfilling the dreams of their employer, not their own!

Consider A Possible Escape Route If You Define Poverty As Follows!

Work Smarter Not HarderNow does the following description apply to you? If that is a content yes, the fact that you have read this far is surprising! But I also suggest that you are probably wanting to break out of this mold! It does mean reinventing how you perceive your existence. It will entail work but you are already “working” at a life-sucking job. You just need to make a transition in terms of your work ethic!  Move from a fixed income to leveraged!  It is the smart thing to do.

I love Twisting Your Arm NotIt is not my intention to promote a lot of things on my website. So you won’t find me twisting your arm or forcing you to purchase anything. Helping individuals who wish to change their financial existence is my goal. So my approach is systematic. I encourage my readers to start off by understanding the “how” and the “why” aspects of network marketing. You can begin to do so by reviewing the information highlighted just below. These platforms will direct you towards financial success.  

So Define Poverty Differently! Adopt The Proper Approach To Network Marketing Using The “One Main Factor” Guidelines! Enhance This Process With “My Video Based Platform“! Click Below:

One Main Factor

Having A Strong Team Is Key To Your Network Marketing Success!

Strong TeamIf You Truly Seek Financial Success From Direct Selling You Need To Develop A Strong Team. 

So Your Objective Should Be To Channel The Individual Strengths Of Your Team Members. As A Result Your Group Will Function As A Strong Team!

On That Note Review The Following Ten Considerations. They Will Assist You In Doing That!  You Will Develop A Strong Team!

1) Demonstrate Sound Commitment!  

Team CommitmentThe most significant characteristic of a strong team is commitment. This means that you put the team first. It also means that you help your members individually. This quality is a key success component. It will propel each team member to reach their potential and ultimate goals. When your team and your individual members win, you win! Plus the element of success is far more prominent at this level than at the individual. So commit to commitment!

2) Show Your Appreciation Often! 

Show AppreciationThis is another one of those intangible ingredients that will point your team in the direction of MLM success! Showing your team members that you appreciate their efforts in conjunction with yours goes a long way. This sustains motivation and will keep the group momentum intact. Positive attention always reinforces individuals to continually seek positive results. Outcomes that contribute to the overall success of the team will strengthen it and propel it to higher success!

3) Spend Time Quality Together

Quality TimeMembers of a strong team that are experiencing group success enjoy spending time together. Granted, the underlying objective of each member is to experience individual financial success. However, as we know, money is not every thing in life. So make sure that you encourage leisure activities on occasion. They should have nothing to do with the business. Think of these words “work hard” and “play hard” in the same sentence. Encourage both these features from your team members!

4) Communicate With Your Members

Communicate With Your TeamEffective communication promotes understanding. Therefore you should encourage regular exchange with your members. This means that you should prepare yourself to allocate time to this aspect. You should have a handle on what people are feeling and knowledge of their opinions. That keeps you abreast of your team’s potential momentum. Situations evolve and people do change like the ocean tide day to day. Communication will promote a strong team and keep it from disintegrating!

5) Introduce The Spiritual Component. 

Spiritual GiftsNow you may be religious or you may not be. But let me first point out that spirituality is different from religion! So don’t worry about other people’s religions based on what I ‘m suggesting! I will just say that I believe that the spiritual aspect is crucial. There is nothing wrong with saying a prayer and asking for guidance. In fact, this component can help strengthen what it means to be part of a successful team. Don’t rule out bonding in this manner! It does have a place.

6) Promote Laughter In Your Exchanges

Promote LaughterDo this whenever you are having a social get together. Or do so when you are having a one on one discussion with a a team member, inject humor. Now this may be difficult because some people are inherently miserable. If that is the case you probably don’t want people like that on your team in any case. Life will always produce moments that are tense and difficult. Having the ability to navigate these moments deploying a sense of humor is actually very clever and strategic! Develop this quality!

7) Ensure That You Share Responsibility

Share ResponsibilityQuite often there are a number of aspects that one should monitor in a team situation. So members should prepare themselves to share various roles and responsibilities. That contributes to the overall success of the group.  It mean’s that you, and other members of your organization, need to be flexible. Furthermore, individuals in successful teams do what its takes and put aside selfish needs. They work for the group! As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work!”

8) Highlight The Team’s Common Interests

Common InterestsNow your team may not start out this way. But developing and establishing common interests is important. The higher the commonality factor, the more cohesive the team becomes. Common interests contribute to bonding. That is another essential ingredient for group success. So pinpointing comparable interests and establishing mutually beneficial objectives is a must. It energizes your group and enhances the collective output.

9)  Happily Provide Others With Service! 

Provide ServiceGive something of value but do not expect anything in return. A strong team demonstrates this aspect. Furthermore how many times have we seen an act of kindness actually produce unexpected results? Those acts always made everybody feel good. The homeless gentleman featured on the news comes to mind. He opted to return an expensive engagement ring instead of pawning it! That act generated a magnitude of monetary rewards for him. So what he received exceeded the value of the ring by far!

10) Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Help

Seek HelpEven a strong team is not always free of problems. In fact, part of their strength and ongoing success revolves around identifying and admitting to problems quickly! In any life situation one should not sweep problems under the table. If one fails to address them that leads to bigger issues! So don’t permit this to occur within your team. Get outside help if needed! One final thing that you should do. Share the platforms that you see below with all your team members! It will produce successful results! 

A Strong Team Produces Strong Results. So Work On The Above Strengthening Exercises! Also Use The “One Main Factor“ Guidelines And “My Video Based Platform” To Put This In Motion. Click Below:

One Main Factor

Network Marketing Success Results From Having A Strong Work Ethic!

Work EthicHave You Assessed Your Work Ethic Lately As far As Your Direct Selling Business Is Concerned?

Having A Strong Work Ethic Is Another Key Requirement. That Is If You Desire Network Marketing Success!

In Fact, You Need A Solid Work Ethic For Any Form Of Success! Consider Five Intangible Qualities. They All Contribute To This Aspect.

1) Your Work Ethic Must Include Integrity.

Have IntegrityIntegrity extends to all facets of what you do in life. That includes work related activity and non-work situations. So are you a person who demonstrates a strong work ethic? If so that demonstrates dependability and trustworthiness. That will always stand out with regard to your network marketing business. Your team members will respect your frank feedback. Your customers will have confidence in the guidance. They will be content to purchase the products or services that you offer. Individuals will indirectly depend on your ethical standards. They will regard you as a trusted authority.

2) Your Work Ethic Demonstrates Responsibility.

Demonstrate ResponsibilityIf you have a solid work ethic then you are keenly aware of accountability. Having this awareness impacts how you function. It affects how you get through the work load that is in front of you. Your business associates and customers will see this quality. It becomes apparent in your overall work performance.  If you are a person that demonstrates a sense of personal responsibility. You are an individual who shows up on time. Plus you always put in your best effort. These qualities will stand out. Plus they will impress your team members. So make sure that this is at the forefront of your direct selling endeavors!

3) Your Work Ethic Puts Focus On Good Quality.

Focus On QualityOne cannot do the bare minimum and expect quality work. One must put in effort and time to produce quality. So if you are a person who demonstrates a strong work ethic the following is true. You care about standards. And you don’t just focus on outcomes. Plus you always put in more effort when required. You do your utmost best to produce results that are impressive. Quality is important to you. So you do not take short-cuts. Time and effort are elements that you always embrace. You don’t just churn things out. When you focus on quality you also focus on the “How”! 

4) Your Work Ethic Highlights Self Discipline.

Cultivate Self DisciplineYou are no doubt aware that your daily tasks all require a degree of self discipline. That is a requirement if you wish to complete them. In other words, you must foster a level of commitment. It is also a requirement if you are to be successful. So are you an individual who exercises discipline and commitment? If so it means that you always remain focused on your goals. You always complete assignments. Determination is part of your character. And you always demonstrate dedication. These are other characteristics that also stand out. They are great qualities to have.

5) Your Work Ethic Embraces The Idea Of Teamwork.

Encourage Team WorkFinally, if you have a good work ethic it will promote and foster good teamwork. Establishing this element in any business setting guarantees success. Therefore, constructive teamwork is most important. And that applies to the network marketing or the direct selling industry. So consider this question at this juncture. If you are not a network marketer already, does the home business model have your interest? That is in terms of establishing financial independence? If so consider the points made in this post. Then use them in conjunction with the information below.

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