You Have To Be Relentless To Succeed At Network Marketing!

RelentlessAre You Relentless In Your Network Marketing Endeavors? The Answer Is Simple Yes Or No!

And Your Response To This Can Be Private, But The Results Of Being So Are Public!

This Is Another One Of My Philosophical Posts, But Being Relentless Positively Impacts Your Relationship Marketing Efforts!

Success Is Not LuckBeing relentless means that You have a powerful state of mind! It is a key quality to have and convey. It means that you always have the commitment to do what it takes. And you do so no matter what obstacles may be in your way! Life presents everyone with hardships. They come in the form of temptations. That could be physical health challenges, financial difficulties, and so on. When you opt to be relentless about any of these conditions, you demonstrate a quality that ensures success. It indicates toughness and it is most admirable!

To Be Relentless Is To Be Unwavering In Your Quest To Achieve Your Goals.

Unwavering StrengthA relentless attitude towards life is good thing. Because you have an attitude that will put you on the winning side of things. And that will occur more often than not. One of the most wonderful aspects of life is that we all get to choose our attitudes. The correct ones help us with our every day confrontations. We cannot alter our past. That is an understanding. However, nothing can really stop us from shaping our future in terms of achieving success. We simply need the right attitude. And the key is to cloak this attitude with the relentless quality!

To Be Relentless Means Understanding And Ignoring The Behaviour Of Others.

Do Not Be DistractedPeople can behave in all kinds of ways. Therefore we encounter this phenomenon often. And as a result this can be distracting. So I got to think about typical situations that can exist in a work place setting. Inevitably there is always a social dynamic that develops and sometimes the interaction can be tedious. We simply cannot alter the fact that men and women will always act in a certain manner. So don’t expect people to change. To think that is foolish! There is one thing that a person should do as far as it concerns other people. One should relentlessly fend off the influence of their actions!

To Be Relentless Involves Sticking To Your Tasks Even When They Seem Futile!

Success Equals PerseveranceNow this is something that you should carefully consider. Every task that you undertake in life always appears to be meaningless at some point! In fact, quite often it may seem like you are heading towards outright failure! Here is an example. I know that blogging everyday increases traffic. However, sometimes it seems like a useless exercise! But this is the point. I shouldn’t allow this occasional perception to become a reality. If I I do, I am more likely to quit! That definitely will decrease my traffic! To be successful I must be relentless in this pursuit.

To Be Relentless Means Learning And Researching Information That Leads To Success!

Read Research And LearnThere is one thing that I relentlessly do with regards to network marketing. I direct individuals to listen to the presentation that I identify at the end of this post. That is a must if you are looking for success in relationship marketing. The principals in this talk are motivational and they are key. Plus the information is free! Your next step is to add video content to this knowledge. You accomplish this through using the features provided by a unique platform that supports video content. That puts you in a powerful position to launch or relaunch your network marketing objectives. Combine this with a relentless attitude and there is no stopping your success!

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Financial Independence Is Most Achievable With Direct Selling!

Financial IndependenceFinancial Independence Is Not Something Only Reserved For Other People! You Can Achieve It Too With The Right Approach! 

But If You Truly Desire Financial Independence You Have To Take Action! The Network Marketing Business Is The Ideal Starting Point!

So Consider The Following  If You Are Already a Network Marketer Looking To Improve Your Results. Also Do So If You Are About To Start A Business. Review Eight Tips For Financial Independence:

1) Where Do Your Finances Stand Right Now? 

The Traditional ApproachSecuring financial independence involves making sound economic decisions. And you do this over the course of a lifetime. You typically begins this process in  your early twenties. So it normally occurs right after finishing university when you join the work force!  At that point you should adopt an established wealth-building strategy. Sticking to this plan should put you on a path to attain financial security by retirement age. At least this is the theory if you have the determination. So one can achieve this objective at any age. It may mean that you have to use nontraditional methods, but it is achievable.This is the traditional approach. 

2) You Must Practice Self Discipline For Success. 

Practice Self DisciplineThe problem with the above path is that is a rife with pitfalls. But that doesn’t mean that it’s next to impossible either. However, you must exercise discipline. And you must be even more so when managing your monetary affairs. Too often people deviate from their course of action. This will always scuttle any financial objective. Just observe people who have achieved financial independence. Note that they apply a strong degree of discipline. They follow certain monetary guidelines. And here are three key ones to demonstrate this point. They never live above their means. They don’t purchase new cars every three months. Nor do they borrow against their savings!

3) Being Careful With Your Money Is Critical

Be Careful With Your MoneyFinancial independence is not just about knowing how to create it. You must know how to preserve it as well! How many times have you heard stories about lottery winners who have lost all of their winnings. This has happened in many cases soon after the person collected their windfall.  Not knowing how to manage money is the cause! Unfortunately, no one teaches preservation. You will have learn this as you navigate financial matters. You can start this process by considering ways to reduce your every day expenses. That can be as simple as doing some of your own repair and maintenance. It is a great way to be careful with your money. But your ultimate goal is to budget and be consistent.

4) Do You Currently Owe A Lot Of Credit Card Debt? 

Eliminate Credit Card DebtCredit cards are a major feature in the personal debt scenario. Some people think that they are a sign of financial independence. But that is not the case if you are having to continuously pay your minimum balance. This puts you on the wrong side of being financially prudent! Remember that the interest rates on credit cards are 18% or higher. So try not to maintain balances that are close to the maximum limit. If you do you will be generating a fair amount of interest expense over time. This does not help your cause! Some financial experts would like eradicate this type of debt completely. And that should happen by the time you are thirty!

5) Be Proactive About Your Personal Investments! 

Be ProactiveDoes someone employ you? If so you most likely have a savings plan that your company contributes to! And the company usually contributes 50% to your plan. Your share generally represents 10% of your gross salary. If possible, you should contribute more. Additionally, make it a point to learn about other investment options. Look at blue chip stocks that have a growth pattern. Some will pay dividends. So add them to your portfolio. Investing in real estate can also be a good option. Having a few good rental returns won’t hurt. It is an excellent way to establish financial independence through passive income. So consider all of these types of investments to establish residual income! 

6) Continue Building And Don’t Settle For Limited Success

Continue BuildingThat means that you should prepare yorself to take additional calculated risks. This element is another characteristic of the wealthy. They are not minimalists. For example, if they are successful with one or two rental properties they will add another. One of the key aspects to having and sustaining wealth is to add new revenue sources. Individuals who are financially successful understand this concept. They don’t limit themselves. The reason is this. These individuals recognize that business and property ownership grow exponentially over time. So they continue to accumulate additional assets. They are persistent. Because they know that growth promotes financial independence!

7) Vigorously Fight Off The Phenomenon Called Failure! 

Avoid FailureThroughout history there have been success stories that involved complete losses during the path to sustained wealth. How many times have we read and seen wealthy individuals lose it all and then make new fortunes. I’m sure that you can think of one. And there are many others that you will know. This speaks to an intangible quality that must be presence at all times, perseverance. If you don’t have a significant measure of this, than you will experience sustained failure. So develop this quality. And do it early. It is very important to the concept of financial independence. Therefore start sowing the seeds in this quest with this measure.

8) Don’t Just Focus On Traditional Ways To Make Money! 

Be InnovativeNow you may not come up with the next innovative invention. However, you can certainly look at the possibility of improving  an existing one. You can even try writing and start by blogging on your own personal website. If you you think that those suggestions are a stretch, then consider network marketing or direct selling. In fact, this option is statistically the best way to achieve a solid residual income. On that note, I welcome you to review the guidelines referred to below first! The content addresses the proper approach to any MLM! The information will motivate you plus provide you with the “why” and the “how“. 

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Adopt Personal Selling. It Is A Way For You To Make Excellent Money!

Personal SellingWhat Is Personal Selling? It Is A Form Of Direct Selling. Plus We Also Refer To It As Relationship Marketing!

Many People Regard Personal Selling As Pyramid Selling. That Is A Mistake! If There Is A Genuine Product Or Service, It Is A Business Model!

You Will Here Me Say This Many Times! Personal Selling Is The Most Economical Way To Achieve Financial Independence! The Seven Points Below Highlight This Fact:

1) It Represents A Major Economic Force

Sell Fast Sell EasyYou may believe this or you may not. The sale of products and services using the personal selling method is huge. So it is a major economic contributor. And this contribution is global. So it affects the worldwide economy. There are now many companies that use this business model. As a result the global economy receives billions of dollars annually. So multilevel marketing is a standard business model.

2) It Has Impacted Millions Of People Positively

Economic ForceAn estimated ninety million individuals plus derive income from network marketing. As a result these individuals have benefited from a market that is worth over $150 billion annually. And 20% or $30 billion of that figure represents the US alone. So that means over 15 million Americans benefit from the direct selling method. Therefore many people are successful! They achieve their financial goals and sustain their households.

3) The Business Model Has A Long History

Business Model YouMany companies have achieved success using the personal selling approach. Plus this business model has been in existence for over 150 years. Furthermore it has proven to be a solid way to do business. This has spawned many new companies. The owners run these concerns with the up-most integrity.  Amway is an example. The company has been around for a number of years. So this business approach is here to stay.

4) Beware Of The Wolf That Poses As A Sheep! 

Wolf And SheepAs in any business there can be negative components. Therefore the personal selling arena is subject too. As a result numerous pyramid schemes have emerged. They masquerade as direct selling organizations. However there is key difference between the two. Pyramid schemes have no product or service. They focus on recruitment. That is the main feature. Today they are illegal!

5) The DSA Oversees This Industry

Direct Selling AssociationThe DSA (Direct Selling Association) monitors this industry. As a result a given MLM organization must abide by the DSA’s Code of Ethics. Furthermore if the organization does not comply, the DSA will not register the business as a sanctioned member. At the ground level, the self-regulatory initiatives of the direct sellers themselves, guarantee transparency. This in turn promotes consumer protection at its highest level.

6) A Known Billionaire Has Invested Heavily

Known BillionairesThis industry continues to expand. Plus it continues to provide robust returns on investment. So one can find strong examples in both the private and public sectors. Well known investor Warren Buffett uses this business model. He has invested heavily in direct selling organizations. Therefore you can conclude that he also has a strong belief in network marketing! So if works for him it can work for you!

7) So Do You Continue To Hang Onto Your Job?

Start SlowAsk yourself the following questions. Do you wish to take advantage of this industry? Are you a wolf or a sheep? Do you need to be led or are you a leader? If you are a leader, enter this arena. You can be successful. However assess what you need to do first. You want to develop your business in the right manner. So you should start slow! Review the guidelines highlighted below. They will lead you to network marketing success:

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Is MLM (Multilevel Marketing) A Pyramid Scheme? (See Video)

Pyramid SchemeDo You Categorize Any Given MLM Entity As A “Pyramid Scheme”?

If You Do, Then Consider This Point. There Is A Definite Distinction Between A Pyramid Scheme And An MLM.

A Pyramid Scheme Is Illegal. But MLM Is Legal Because It Is A Proper Business Model!

Pyramid Schemes Are Not LegalThe term pyramid scheme came up in a past conversation. The person concerned described a network marketing concern with this phrase. So that prompted me to write this post. I also added the following video to make my point. I am never enthusiastic when one describes the MLM business model in this manner.  At the same time, I am aware as to why individuals may do so. Especially, when one considers these sorts of businesses. Let me to point out that pyramid schemes are against the law!

A Candid Explanation

There Is A SimilarityNow it is true that they may appear to be the forerunners of multilevel marketing concerns. Therefore there is no argument when it comes to how similar they are. However, there is a distinct difference. The legality aspect constitutes one of these distinctions. Another key aspect to consider is that pyramid schemes are, and have always been, money exchanges. In other words you will never see an associated product or service. That factor alone prompted the illegal designation.

A Pyramid Scheme Is What It Is Because Of The Following Criteria!

The DifferenceAs indicated, the framework of a pyramid scheme is very similar to that of a network marketing platform. But, as also highlighted, there is a subtle difference. What many individuals overlook is the following fact. A pyramid scheme forces individuals into the spots that are open below the top ones. To put it another way, as different people become members they fill the next open position. The system operates on a first come first serve basis. It is of no consequence which person does the enrolling!

Pyramid Matrix ScheduleConsider the image to the right. It doesn’t matter if the individual in position “A1” or “B2” enrolls the person in “C3”. That person fills up position “C3” in any case. The matrix will continue to fill in a left to right manner. The person in “D4” will fill that position regardless of who does the enrolling! This points out why people towards the top benefit the most. So folk frown on MLMs because of this and many avoid them. They do so because they have lost money in pyramid schemes. But this is misinformation!

Now Consider Why An MLM Is Quietly Different From A Pyramid Scheme!

The FundamentalsThis isn’t the scenario with multilevel marketing. Being at the pinnacle is fine. But  it doesn’t mean that you’re going to earn more money than the people who sign up below you. In this case, the reward goes to the individual who does the enrolling. That person assists their team in duplicating the process. To state it another way, the person who works, benefits. The people that don’t put in the effort, don’t earn. But that is how it should be. In life, that is fundamental.

Product And Service Distribution MethodSo this means that you can have the following scenario. An individual a couple of levels beneath you is earning much more income. Now you do have the potential to benefit. And that is as a result of volume of people underneath you. However, you would need to work to develop your team. That simply boils down to deploying the required work ethic! In essence, a MLM program is not that different from a traditional business. It just has a different way of distributing a product or service!

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