Why You Should Include Online Video In Your Marketing Strategy!

Online VideoOnline Video Represents A Major Shift In Communication.

If You Don’t Think So, Then Consider This. YouTube Is An Online Video Platform. Plus It Is The Number Two Search Engine!

Furthermore, Research What The Communications Giant Cisco Has Said About Online Video. Am I Making My Point?

IntroductionAdvertising and marketing methods continue to evolve. And they have also shifted away from the traditional methods. You now convey your message to a targeted audience. One refers to this form of promotion as inbound marketing. The goal is discovery. You position your business so that individuals can find your products or services. And they find your site through online video.

This is a novel type of promotion. It also embraces the concepts of attraction marketing. Cost-effectiveness is an underlying benefit. Therefore you can now assign your marketing resources in an effective manner. Traditional marketing methods are much more expensive. So many businesses must have promotional budgets that are large. As a result, lower internet marketing costs enable you to compete. Also the size of a given operation no longer matters. Therefore you can compete with well known brands.

In any event inbound marketing needs to be effective. That means that three key components must be present in your promotional campaign. You must have (1) content that is impressive. You must have (2) search engine optimization that is effective. And you must have (3) social media that emphasizes your online presence. Add online video to this mix and you have the ingredients for a powerful campaign!

Impressive Content.

PowerfulOnline video is by far the most powerful communication method. That is because it produces an emotional based reaction. Consider Dr. James McQuivey’s statement. He is the Vice President and Principal Analyst of Forrester Research. He indicated that one minute of video is equivalent to over 1.8 million words! That is a vast difference. So video content trumps written! This is just another reason why you should use it.

The World Wide Web contains a lot of irrelevant information today. Online video enhances your ability to fine-tune your message and attract interest. So people can recognize your product or service in quick fashion. It provides an air of vibrancy. You can convey a clear message so this prompts your prospects to view. Therefore they are more likely to take action!  You are able to design your message to increase you viewing audience. And this will lead to more customers.

Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Online video also impacts your marketing as follows. It gives you an advantage over your competition. Consider the results generated by organic searches. Video clips lead the way! In fact, your focus should be on video content. It offers your viewer a rewarding experience. Plus Google will reward you! The Panda and Penguin updates rank well-produced videos. So take advantage of this fact!

As the popularity of video sharing grows, Google places more emphasis on this communication method. Forrester Research has indicated the following. Video content is fifty three times more likely to make it to Google’s first page, then written content. AimClear noted that video clips have a 41% increased click through rate than basic text. On that note I will also encourage you to review the Product Overview at this juncture. So this is another reason to use this medium. 

Social Media.

Social MediaOn a final note, the social networks have changed the marketing playing field. So you are now able to engage your prospects on a personable level. That leads to more prospects and customers. The online video aspect makes this easier. As a result you can accomplish this in a manner that is proficient!  You can provide your target audience with visual content that is persuasive. And this improves your bottom line!

Video also adds to the social experience of your viewer. Plus it allows you to deliver a message that brands you. So you are able to attract your viewer. And you get the attention of your prospect. Therefore you are able to maintain customer engagement. This increases awareness of your brand. So it really gives you a broad scope. And you have the ability to establish several goals. It is the best communication method by far! 

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