If You Desire Internet Success, Original Content Is A Must!

Original ContentAre You Creating Original Content On A Regular Basis?

If This Is Not The Case You Will Remain Invisible Out Here In Cyberspace. Give Google What It Wants! Original Content!

Publishing Original Content On A Daily Basis Will Propel You Out Of Obscurity!

It Is A Must.

Consistency Is A MustI have already published a few articles about the importance of fresh content. If you have read any of them the points in this post should make sense. Continue reading and by all means leave a comment at the end of this post. To continue, the key ingredient when it comes to writing articles is consistency. Persistence means making a commitment to yourself to write daily. You must post regular original content that contains a minimum of 300 words. That guarantees that your website will move up in the rankings.

The Easy Part.

The Easy PartNow I will tell you something that is not readily apparent. Composing a 300 to 500 word post takes no time at all for me. That should be the case for you too! So depending on what I am writing about, creating that first draft usually takes about a half hour. The operative word is “first”! What takes up far more time is putting on the finishing touches. This is also a function of your personal approach to perfection. I mean think about it. How much behind the scenes work goes into producing a movie that we don’t see?

The Hard Part.

The Hard PartYou must proof read your article and optimize it for the search engines. So you will have go through and make corrections to both word and grammatical mistakes. You may even elect to rewrite or omit a sentence. Certainly do that if it appears not tie into the rest of the content. I always reread my articles days later. When your mind is fresh reading your own material will feel like reading someone else’s!  This always highlights flaws that you didn’t see right after you created the post. So put in the time to “polish” your article!

A Comparison.

ComparingThis approach may seem tedious at best. Once again I’ll use the film industry to make my point. No doubt you know what a “take” is. If so then you have probably heard an actor refer to them in an interview. Just think of the resolve that has to go into doing twenty takes! That actor must convey a certain emotion in that scene over and over. This must happen until the actor satisfies the director! The end result looks natural and simple enough but we don’t see the work that has to go into it. Maybe that’s why actors can demand high pay.


Get CommittedNow as far as the creation of original content, you won’t have to grill yourself like an actor. However, if you want to stand out in this online arena, you must prepare yourself to strive towards perfection. Shoddy work will produce shoddy results. That goes without saying in just about anything we do in life. So note that I sometimes spend two to three hours putting the finishing touches on one article! There are a few article creation platforms on the market. But you cannot get away from the work and time that goes into finishing!

A Final Note. 

Sense Of SatisfactionYou should approach the creation of original content as if you were producing a work of art! If you are impatient and are only thinking about the monetary benefits, you’ll never get there. You should actually feel a sense of satisfaction when you complete an article. Satisfaction is enjoyment, believe it or not! Other than posting your articles to your own website you should also post content to article directories like Ezines. Incorporating this approach into your writing together with adding video content, puts you on the right path!

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