Trying To Decide How And Where You Deploy Your Video Advertising?

Video AdvertisingAre You Having Video Advertising Concerns?

Because When It You Consider Video Advertising Today There Are So Many New Options!

Which Platform Should You Choose To Do Your Video Advertising? Should You Use The Traditional One, Television?  Or The Internet?

The Traditional Versus New!

TraditionThe average viewer continues to watch major events on television. I refer to events like the World Cup and the Super Bowl. So that means television continues to be the main media source. Marketers continue to use it for video advertising. However there are many more viewing devices that one can use today. And that has changed the advertising dynamic!

One device that is common place now is the laptop. Then you have the I-Products. Plus there are all types of smart phones that one can use. They all cater to video content. So how are people using these devices? The typical viewer accesses all manner of content on them. And that includes videos. However viewers watch television at the same time! That adds a new variable to the advertising question!

New Things Invite Challenges!

Something NewThese new devices represent modern day technology. That is a good thing! However, this gives rise to another new situation. It means that we face all kinds of choices. So in turn that points to new viewing specifications. These devices are similar but different. Another consideration is the actual viewer. Today’s consumer functions differently. 

The attention span is shorter. The prospect views the content in a fragmented manner at best. And this creates many more variables. Which in turn makes the situation a little complex. Technological advances do that! So they often present marketers with a logistical nightmare. How do they promote their products and services? What we can say is video advertising is far more challenging today but it is doable. 

Which Platform Is Better?

Better PlatformSo as an advertiser you may view the answer to this as complex. That is not the case! The discussion should never be about the choice. You can use both! In other words, that is not a bad approach. Use television and the internet. Integrate both of them. They can each play a part in your overall video advertising campaign.

A few marketers are doing just this. They are creating new strategies. These strategies combine television with online media. So this means knowing the advantages. Plus it means understanding the value of each platform. The goal is to determine the right balance. Ultimately the goals of the advertiser determine thee best approach. But we know television advertising is more expensive. So rule it out!

The Best Online Platform

Best ChoiceYou can advertise strictly online. Plus you can target all markets this way. Advertising on the internet is far less expensive. So leaving television out of the equation won’t hurt! Also you can use a number of video based platforms. On that note look at one of the platforms that I use. It offers a number of video based applications which you can assess below.

They are excellent promotional tools. In addition one has the secondary option of distributing these products. One distributes them through network marketing. So the really clever marketer can benefit in two ways. He or she can market their existing products and services. Plus that person can create a second revenue stream while adding online video content to their current advertising campaigns.

Online Video Advertising Is Certainly Less Expensive! So Assess The Product Overview Platform Below. Ramp Up Your Internet Marketing Efforts. Feel Free To Contact Me If You Have Any Questions!

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