Posting Engaging Content To Article Directories Is Important And Vital!

Article DirectoriesThere Are Number Of Key Article Directories That You Should Consider When Creating Content.

In Other Words You Should Definitely Include Article Directories In Your Overall Internet Marketing Objectives.

And In This Post I’m Not About To Address All Of The Article Directories That You Should Consider. This Article Is About One Specific Directory!

But You Should Post To Other Directories! 

Article SubmissionWriting articles for traffic purposes is key. Therefore as expected, you should post content to your own site. However, this should not be the only aspect that you deploy in terms of where you post your articles!  So do not stop there. Because if you do, you put yourself in a position of having to “wait “for prospects to visit your site! You need to be more proactive. So also post content to various article directories. The one directory that I suggest you include in this exercise is Ezines. And achieving “Expert Author” status is your goal!

Recall How To Become A Good Writer! 

Good WriterNow don’t let that title send uncomfortable tingles up your spine. Achieving this title with Ezines does not mean you have to take a course in rocket science! If you have read any of my other articles about blogging you will know that there one key component! You should do it every day because this improves your writing. As a result you will be producing top quality posts soon enough. That approach will qualify you to achieve this status relatively quickly with Ezines.

Why You Should Use This Directory!

Ezine ArticlesEzines is the one, if you are looking for a well known and trusted platform. Publishing content here benefits you in a number ways. You will increase your exposure. Plus you strengthen your credibility. You boost your connectivity and establish your authority. All of these terrific advantages work together. They contribute to establishing a unique brand – You! Ultimately your brand will attract what all internet marketers seek – Targeted Traffic! Expert Author status amplifies this objective.

The Importance Of Having This Status!

Expert Author StatusNow you may still have a few questions as to why you should strive for this designation. Another consideration is that you have a fraction of a second to gain your readers’ attention. You must remove all skepticism immediately. When visitors go online to seek information they want beneficial facts. Therefore, they look for sources such as article directories that have authors with the appropriate credentials. Verification of these credentials should be readily apparent or transparent.

A Quick Guideline On Posting Your Status!

Expert Author BannerSo first you achieve your Expert Author status. You are then provided with a banner that you can add to your website. Your readers will be able to click on your banner and quickly verify who you are. Posting the banner on your site is simple enough. It involves logging onto your account and clicking on the “Resources” tab. You then look for and select “Author Banners. You will see some HTML code. Then you should copy and paste it on your website or in the editor section of your blog.

So Don’t Leave Article Directories Out Of The Equation. Post Your Content To Them! If The Directory Allows Video Content Use It. Also Use The CashBlurbs Platform To Increase Your Site Traffic.