Real Estate Agents Are Starting To Use Video Messaging! (See Video)

Video MessagingOne Can Use Video Messaging In Numerous Business Settings.

This Post Highlights How Video Messaging Can Benefit The Real Estate Arena.

So If You happen To Be A Realtor Who Needs To Upgrade Your Communication Method Consider Adopting Video Messaging.

Realtors are discovering that video messaging is very effective. It is a great way to communicate with their clients. Watch the video just ahead. The company featured in the video, Casa Latino, uses Talk Fusion(Click Here to Access The Free Trial Page), for various video communication. Then quickly review the six methods that they use and that other real estate agents can deploy:

1)  Introducing Oneself

Introduce Yourself

Send a personal video email to a prospective client. It is an excellent way to establish a new relationship. Because video is the next best thing to face-to-face communication. Remember your client has to “buy” you first. That must occur before they do business with you! So make an impression by sending your prospect a video message! Because it is a great way to introduce yourself and to begin establishing your brand.

2)  Video Property Tours.

Property ToursVideo Chat is a video messaging app. So one uses it on all of the modern day devices. These include the Iphone, Ipad and Android devices. You can quickly send a branded video message. Plus you can send it directly to your prospects. Use it to take your client on a virtual property tour. You can highlight the exterior and interior features of a given home. So it really gives you a dramatic way to showcase a given property.

3)  Open House Events.

Open HouseYou can highlight an upcoming open house event. Do this by sending a video message to your clients. This will certainly draw attention to the function. On a statistical note, most people don’t read an entire written email. So a video is far more likely to get their attention. Plus it is far more memorable. It will increase your conversion rate. That means more of your clients and prospects will attend the event!

4) A Simple Thank-You.

Thank YouI cover this topic in another article. In that post I discuss this topic in terms of a job interview. It is obvious that the act of saying thank you extends to all kinds of social and business situations. In the real estate arena it is not uncommon to send a written “thank you” to a given client. That usually happens after you close a transaction. So don’t just send a note! Send a video message! Because it is far more personal.

5)  Client Testimonials

Client TestimonialsA written testimonial from a client is an excellent tool. So you should add them to your marketing arsenal. However capturing a video testimonial is more dramatic! Because it increases the impact of testimonial many times over. So ask your clients if they would be willing to do this. Offer a free incentive and provide them with simple guideline. Then have them state something good about the sales or purchasing experience for example.

6) Informing Your Clients.

InformingOn some occasions you may have specific information that you wish to share with your prospects. So an example of this would be a change in the market mortgage rate. Another could be about property tax. Regardless of what the details are, dispatching a video message is an effective strategy. You communicate with your prospects on a personal level. And this fosters relationships plus, on a final note, they appreciate that!

Video Messaging Is A Powerful Way To Communicate. Therefore Review The Product Overview Applications Highlighted Just Below. And Contact Me With Any Questions That Arise In The Meantime.

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Optimizing Video Content Is Overlooked Often! Learn How!

Optimizing VideoOptimizing Video Content Is A Smart Thing To Do! So You Should Do This! It Is A Must!

If You Are Not, I Understand!  Many People Simply Don’t Know How To Go About Optimizing Video.

Learning This Process Is Important, Because Optimizing Your Video Content Will Dramatically Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results!

This Will Enhance Your SEO!

SEOBy now, many internet marketers are probably utilizing video communication in their overall promotional efforts. However, many of those individuals may not be aware of the importance of optimizing video content. One must do it for search engine optimization purposes. In fact, they probably don’t even know how to do it  and don’t bother to find out. So they simply settle for other SEO methods and overlook this important feature. What one needs to realize is that optimized videos rank a lot quicker than written text!

Video Ranks Far More Quickly!

Ranks QuicklyStatistically, a video clip is fifty times more likely to rank on page one of Google ahead of written content. The reason is simply due to the fact that less people use video content than written text! Currently the search engines are not capable of assessing the content within in a given video clip. Therefore optimizing video through any form of editing is not possible. However, you can prepare them for search engine results pages, SERPs, if you know how to manipulate the meta data.

You Want To Please This Entity

GoogleGoogle has a huge index. It is specifically for video content. It includes all of the video clips that it is aware of. Video results that the SERPs display, happen as a consequence of index queries. So it includes any video that one posts on YouTube automatically. But note this key point!  It also includes video content that you post on your website! One accomplishes this by creating a video site map. It is a little technical which explains why many people fail to do this!

Review The Following Guideline!

GuidelineNever fear! Let’s get down to the business of how you go about this! There are a number of internet posts on how to accomplish this aspect. However you only need one clear guideline! I can certainly direct you to that and it won’t be a course in rocket science! Click the following highlighted section and watch a quick video guide on how to create a video site map. It constitutes optimizing videos of all sorts. And if you learn what to do in this case you put yourself ahead of a lot of online marketers.

Optimizing Video Content Is Not Difficult. You Can Master The Process. Also In The Meantime Review The Product Overview Below. Position Yourself  To Be A Skillful Video Marketer! Contact Me With Any Queries!

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Why You Should Be Deploying Online Video Content Today!

Online Video ContentAre You Looking To The Implement Online Video Content?

If So, You Are On The Correct Path! Online Video Content Is Sure To Improve Your Internet Success!

An Assessment Of The Marketing Arena Indicates That The Use Of Online Video Content Is Becoming Quite Prominent!

Marketing ArenaSo are you are looking to improve your internet marketing strategies? If so, you will need to improve your overall effectiveness. In order to improve that aspect you will need to introduce more creativity. This creativity should include the use of online video content. Your objective is to engage your target audience. You want them to share your information. The perfect way to do this is to provide optimized product videos. The following five guidelines will assist you:

1) Online Video Content Allows You To Produce A Captivating Narrative!

Marketing ArenaWritten content has its limitations. It conveys less information than a video. Consider this scenario. A given charity is staging an event. to raise funds. It is doing so for homeless people. What would be more effective? A written piece with a few images requesting funds. Or would a video be more effective? There should be no argument. A video narrative strikes the strongest chord! It establishes an emotional link right away. It occurs when one sees the faces of the homeless. Plus viewing their living conditions amplify their needs. This creates inspiration and viewers will take action.

2) Online Video Content Conveys More Information A Lot Sooner!

InfoConveying and deriving information from a promotional video clip is better. It out paces written communication hands down. So consider the time that it takes to read this post. A video would convey far more details in the same amount of time. Plus the viewer would process and understand the information a lot quicker. So as a consequence, you should craft your videos with care. Do this especially with your promotional ones, and do so right from the start. Avoid producing bad clips. Because you will lose your audience very quickly! Your videos should be concise and to the point. Then they should end on a memorable note.

3) Online Video Content Is Perfect For Staging Customer Testimonials!

TestimonialsVideo testimonials are essential for generating excitement. They really are crucial to your business. So post these testimonials on your website. Then use them in your video email campaigns. Consider a lead who views a positive account by an existing customer via a video clip. He or she is more likely to become one too. Creating these video recordings is not difficult either. In terms of equipment, you just requires a simple camcorder. Or you can use a smart phone. Furthermore a free offer will entice your existing customers. They will willingly sit in front of the camera!

4) Use Online Video Content To Re-purpose Written Promotions!

BrandUse written content that has demonstrated successful results. You can re-brand it and release the content as a video presentation! The following scenario is not a perfect example. But it makes the point. So recall the initial Star Wars movies. The 1970s was the period for their first release. Then modifications to these films happened much later along with releases. You can do the same thing!  Except you do it with some of your written content. Camtasia is the ideal platform. Use it to convert your articles to video. And add the Product Overview features to the mix as well!

5) Share Online Video Content On Numerous Social Networks!

AudienceYour goal is to build a captive audience. You do this by using the social networking sites along with adding video content of course. You must encourage your viewers to share your clips. This then becomes a great way to generate traffic. It improves your SEO. You enhance you internet presence. And subsequently increase your subscriber base. YouTube is your first port of call regarding posting all your video content. From there you can submit a given video to more than two hundred social sites with one click. This is excellent way to maximize your internet exposure.

Incorporate Online Video Content Today And Enhance Your Internet Presence! Start By Assessing The Video Based Applications In The Following Product Overview Today! Contact Me With Any Queries!

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