Video Email – Are You Using It? If Not You Should Do So! (See Video)

Talk Fusion Video EmailAre You Using Video Email In Your Marketing Campaigns?

If Not You Should Know This. Video Email Is Part Of Major Communication Trend It Terms Of Video Marketing!

So Does This Mean That You Have To Know How To Embed Video In Email? The Answer Is No! The Application Already Exists.

Just Saying The Words Video Email Should Mean A Short Article! 

More InformationSo you could challenge me right off the bat! Why am I writing about video email . Shouldn’t I be demonstrating one. Bear with me. This article will be short! In any case, writing still has a place. And the internet marketing arena still caters to writers. However, I will concede this. Video content and video communication is very powerful!

Compare The TwoCompare written email to video email. The latter conveys far more information hands down. And it does so in less time and space. If you are an internet marketer, you cannot afford to leave this feature out. It should be part of your online marketing. Check out the following video. It will give you an explanation about this feature. Also click here to read this article. It features my daughter using video email!

Now A Little History About This Video Email Feature For Posterity!

Video Email Dough BoyVideo email was the first application. The company introduced it in July of 2007. This technology resulted from benign circumstances. It occurred while the company’s owner and founder, Mr. Bob Reina, was on vacation. He had shot a candid video. As a result he wanted to email the footage. So he attempted to send it to some other family members.

Video Email SolutionBut none of the existing email platforms offered a solution. They could not accommodate video content. That situation caused Mr. Reina to develop a solution himself The result was the creation of this feature! Granted, there are a number of platforms that exist today. Many offer video email services. However, none of them offer the features that this company provides. Videos can be twenty minutes long or 500 MB!

Some Points That Should Prompt You To Assess Video Email!

Video Marketing StrategiesAs an internet marketer consider this point of view. The click-through rates for video email outpace those for written communication. They do so by a significant margin. So overall, this application gives you immense latitude. You can really improve your marketing campaigns. Consider some of the aspects that you can present using video.  

Personal BrandingYou can provide product demonstrations. Record customer testimonials. Plus you can offer video tutorials. Also you can cover events. In addition broadcast special announcements. And you can feature brand presentations. So the company behind this video based platform is perfectly positioned. It is taking advantage of the growing online video trend. In addition it provides some incredible benefits. All have to do with video communication.

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Video Newsletters – Set Your Self Apart Now! (See Three Samples)

Talk Fusion Video NewslettersAre You Using Video Newsletters To Communicate With Your Targeted Audience?

If Not, You Are Leaving Some Dramatic License On The Table! Video Newsletters Simply Enhance Your Online Presence.

You Can View Some Actual Samples By Clicking On The Images Below. Then Read The Remainder Of This Post.

 Sample 1Video Newsletter - Mayfair Hotel  Sample 2Video Newsletter - Spinning Wheel  Sample 3Video Newsletter - Sprung Structures

About Sample 1 Above

The Wow FactorA friend of mine runs a travel agency. She sent me an email showing a typical written newsletter that she sends out to her clients. This is her version. I used her same content and recreated it. But I used the “video newsletters” application. Sample 1 above is my version. Make a comparison. Look at the other samples too. Then ask yourself which type would you like to send out – written or video?

Increase Dramatic Appeal

Video Communication

Consider the look of the templates offered by this platform. They give you a quick and exciting way to engage your customers and prospects. Furthermore research has already demonstrated the power of video communication. Individuals are far more likely to remain on your site. In addition they review your information if you use video content. Video newsletters are striking. Plus they convey more information than written content.

Highlight Your Brand

Success StoryThere are a number of ways that you can use video newsletters. For example you can use them to showcase various aspects of your business or personal life. Highlight your latest success story. Feature news about your staff. In addition you can provide a visual appreciation of new products and more. Therefore this platform permits you to send out branded content. Feature your logo! Place it in the default position at the bottom of the newsletter.

Reach Your Audience 

Marketing EffectivenessIn the event that you wish to send out a traditional written newsletter without video, you can do this also. Although why would you want to leave the video element out? It is just far more dramatic! In addition the samples highlighted above give you a first hand appreciation of the marketing effectiveness of a video newsletter. So simply reflect on the comparison that I made in the first paragraph above.

Leave Convention Behind

Traditional NewslettersMany businesses use traditional newsletters. They use them to convey an array of information. Typically it is about their products and services. So are you in business? If so why not set yourself apart with video newsletters? Today’s marketplace demands that we come up with innovate ways to stand out. So adding this feature to your video marketing efforts will do just that. Interact with your audience on a new level!

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Create Effective Video Marketing Campaigns With Six Key Video Tips!

Video TipsDo You Need A Few Video Tips To Relaunch Your Web Based Marketing Campaigns?

If So, There Are Some Key Video Tips That You Should Understand And Ultimately Deploy!

Consider The Six Video Tips In This Article And Produce Some Engaging Campaigns!

1) Recognize Who Your Viewers Are And Where To Locate Them.

Your ViewersThis first point represents one of six video tips.  This aspect is about the shift of mass communication and the way it is now done. More individuals use video content today. Plus it is moving away from the big screen to the small. This also lends itself to a more personalized approach. Therefore, it is important to know who you are communicating with. You must engage your audience immediately with the first video clip! Then you should target your viewers with timely video messages. The messages must resonate with your audience.

2) Make Sure That Your Video Clips Are Concise And To The Point!

BrevityProducing effective content does not mean that you have produce a full length feature film! Some first time marketers adopt this approach. The estimated time a given clip runs is their concern. They are fearful of omitting some essential information and the tendency is to increase the estimated time frame. One needs to be aware that video conveys far more information than text. Of all the video tips listed here, remember that less is more! Keep the average time to one minute approximately.

3) Video Content Is The Beginning Of A Dialogue, Not The Conclusion!

Video Content DialogueYou should always bear this mind. Therefore you should keep your clips concise and to the point. When a viewer is watching an online video, it is very easy for that person to be distracted. However, this communication method facilitates following up. So you have the option of creating a sequence of content. Plus it is easy to accomplish but captivating at the same time. Your initial clip should open the dialogue. Then you have your viewer assess subsequent information. This content is either visual and written!

4) You Should Develop Video Content For Various Small Screens.

Small ScreenIf you happen to already have made-for-television content that is fine. However, it can be problematic attempting to redesign it for computer monitors and other small screens. However these video tips always apply regarding the creation of any excellent layout. But you undermine larger scale productions dependent on the details.That occurs when one adapts them to a much smaller scale. Ultimately, your objective is to capture your viewer’s interest with proper design and animation.

5) Video Sharing Is Ideal But You Want To Ensure Targeted Sharing!

Targeted SharingThere will always be a sense of accomplishment if you happen to produce video content. That certainly is the case if it is excellent and attracts a huge number of views and likes. But remember popularity is not your primary objective! Reaching your targeted audience is! So if you are reaching a large number of people who happily share your videos. that is great. But if they do nothing else, you are wasting your efforts! Your content should be engaging but developed in such a manner that your viewer takes a specific action!

6) If You Are Promoting Something For Purchase, Make It Accessible!

AccessibiltyOn a final note, video is simply the best way to communicate! So it does not matter whether you are conveying a point of view or selling something! In the latter case, you will need a little more structure. Therefore you need to create an effective route. That path is from your video clips to your product or service. This ties in with point three above. Video simply represents the beginning of the engagement. Captivating follow up messages direct your viewers to become your customers!

The Six Video Tips Above Will Assist You In Creating Effective Communication! The Product Overview Ties Everything Together! Assess This Amazing Platform By Clicking The Banner Below:

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