The Video Trend Associated With The Internet Is A Great Sleeping Giant!

Video TrendAre You Aware Of The Online Video Trend?

If Not, Consider The Following Five Factors. They Are About This Phenomenon.

You Really Should Pay Attention To The Online Video Trend.

1) The Video Trend Is More Prevalent Then You May Think!

Video TrendsMost people are either not aware or are simply not paying attention to the online video trend. Just over two years ago, I certainly had no idea myself! Therefore, I had never given any thought to incorporating video content on my website.

What I am aware of now is this fact. Over eighty percent of individuals around the globe watch some form of video content online. This form of communication is becoming quite prevalent. It is now a huge trend in online marketing.

2) Video Content Conveys More Information In Less Time!

More InformationVideo communication is far more efficient. Individuals are far more likely to respond to a call to action having watched a video. On that note, you may challenge me. I have not posted any video content within this article to prove that point.

Trust me, it does! I don’t post videos in every article that I write. However, I can say this about the amount of video content that you see on my site today. It is far more than when I first had my website set up! So I have certainly embraced the trend.

3) Video Communication Has A Dramatic Impact On The Viewer!

Dramatic ImpactNo doubt you are familiar with auto-responders. These platforms enable one to email written content on a given schedule. So imagine contacting your prospects and customers using prerecorded video email. That is far more dramatic

So the ability to email a series of video product demonstrations is an example. The positive affect that this has on your prospects and customers far outweighs the results of written communication. There are many other situations that I’m sure you can think of.

4) The Video Trend Is Growing Because Online Video Is Inexpensive!

GrowthThere is plenty of technology available today. So you don’t need professional expertise in order to produce a video. It is relatively simple to create your own clips! You can deploy your smart phone. Or use your digital camera!

If you are totally against doing that you can always hire an inexpensive specialist. In either case, producing an online video is far less costly. That means it is less than the expense associated with traditional productions such as television.

5) Video Content Lends Itself To Concise And Clear Messages!

Clear MessageVideo clips make it far easier to convey messages. They are brief and one can easily understand them. So that does not mean that you have to create slick video content either. Furthermore individuals respond to straightforward messages!

On a final note make sure that your clips are down to earth. Your viewers are more likely to appreciate the honesty factor. Your goal is visually promote your unique brand. Plus establish customer loyalty. Therefore heed this expression in your marketing efforts. “Less is more!”

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Written Email Is Very Functional, However, Video Email Is Dramatic!

Written EmailWritten Email Has Its Place But…..

Video Email Soundly Thrashes Written Email By Comparison!

Consider Some Of The Short Comings That Written Email Has. Then Reflect On The Advantages Of Video Email.

Many Misunderstandings.

MisunderstandingsQuite a few people totally misunderstand the contents of a written email. We subconsciously attempt to conjecture meanings that really aren’t there. Then we even presume to have knowledge about the sender’s frame of mind. So we base this on our perceptions of the tone coming from the choice of words. Absence of sentiment, capitalized phrases, and the use of the colour red conjure up negative perceptions. The point is, video email can eliminate all of this!

Some Research Findings.

Research FindingsLet’s look at a statistic. As much as 93% of perceived attitudes are nonverbal. Albert Mehrabian unveiled this through his research. He is a professor at UCLA. He further concluded that words alone represented 7% of this overall percentage. Voice inflection and overall tone made up 38%. Nonverbal communication came in at 55%. Perhaps you have heard this statement, ” Hear with your eyes!”! If so, then it should come as no surprise that nonverbal communication conveys more than 50% of the mindset!

Apples And Oranges.

Apples And OrangesVideo emails highlight things that you can’t see in a written email. You can observe overall body language, hand gestures, a person’s smile and their eye focus. You can sense relaxation, aggression and happiness. These aspects convey attitude. Plus they point to other states of mind. The audio aspect also helps. That demonstrates the emotional component. Consider hearing laughter for example. That can suggest good intentions! Video reduces any misunderstanding of a given message significantly.

A Novel Deployment.

UniqueSo consider this development. Language teachers are now using video based platforms. And students in particular are using the video email feature. They use it to hone their public speaking techniques. Both teachers and students can assess their grammar and pronunciation. So this feature is an excellent way to accomplish this. Teachers can also use it for a video dictation. They can use video email to monitor a student’s progress. So it consitutes a unique tool for language studies.

The Hearing Impaired.

Hearing ImpairedThis is another segment that can benefit from the use of video emails. Individuals who are deaf need to say things too! In fact, video is a natural application for this community. Sign language and other developments have greatly advanced the abilities for deaf people to communicate. So this community welcomes video communication. This feature certainly makes it easier. A deaf person can now record. Then he or she can send their message. And in many of these situations they can omit the audio.

The Best Platform.

Best PlatformThere are a few video email platforms that one can choose from in the market place today. All have a nominal cost. So the platform that I recommend does have a small fee. However you can test it out for FREE for thirty days with no credit card!  It offers an incredible array of video based applications. That includes video email. Click that link to review the specs. You can also access your Free Trial on that page. Or you can do so from the Product Overview page. Contact me if you have any questions. 

As Stated, Using Written Email Is Fine. But A Video Email Is Far Superior! Add The Components Provided By Product Overview. Then Take Your Video Marketing Efforts To An Impressive New Level!

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Video Email – Are You Using It? If Not You Should Do So! Start Today!

Video EmailAre You Using Video Email In Your Marketing Campaigns?

If Not You Should Know This. Video Email Is Part Of Major Communication Trend It Terms Of Video Marketing!

So Does This Mean That You Have To Know How To Embed Video In Email? The Answer Is No! The Application Already Exists.

Just Saying The Words Video Email Should Mean A Short Article! 

More InformationSo you could challenge me right off the bat! Why am I writing about video email . Shouldn’t I be demonstrating one. Bear with me. This article will be short! In any case, writing still has a place. And the internet marketing arena still caters to writers. However, I will concede this. Video content and video communication is very powerful! So at some point, try this feature and the others for FREE For 30 Days – No Credit Card!

Compare The TwoContinuing on, compare written email to video email. The latter conveys far more information hands down. And it does so in less time and space. If you are an internet marketer, you cannot afford to leave this component out. It should be part of your online marketing strategy. Check out the video in the link just ahead. It will highlight some key points about video content. It features my daughter. So click here to read this post

Now A Little History About This Video Email Feature For Posterity!

Video Email Dough BoyVideo email was the first application. The company behind this feature introduced it in July of 2007. This technology resulted from benign circumstances. It occurred while the company’s owner and founder was on vacation. He had shot a candid video. As a result he wanted to email the footage. So he attempted to send it to some other family members. But none of the existing email platforms offered a solution.

Video Email SolutionThey could not accommodate video content. That situation caused the company owner to develop a solution himself The result was the creation of this application! Granted, there are a number of platforms that exist today. Many offer video email services. However, none of them offer the features that this company provides. One key aspect is that you can make videos that are twenty minutes long or 500 MB!

Some Points That Should Prompt You To Assess Video Email!

Video Marketing StrategiesAs an internet marketer consider this point of view. The click-through rates for video email outpace those for written communication. They do so by a significant margin. So overall, this application gives you immense latitude. You can really improve your marketing campaigns. Consider some of the aspects that you can present using video. You can provide product demonstrations. Record customer testimonials.

Personal BrandingPlus you can offer video tutorials. Also you can cover events and broadcast special announcements. And you can feature brand presentations. So the company behind this video based platform has positioned itself perfectly! It is taking advantage of the growing online video trend and it provides some incredible benefits. All have to do with video communication. So use this feature and the others FREE For 30 Days – No Credit Card!

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Demonstrate Gratitude Using Video! It Is Better Than A Note! (See Video)

Demonstrate GratitudeShow Your Gratitude By Extending A Simple Thank-You. Because Individuals Appreciate That In All Settings. 

That Applies To Both Social And Business Encounters. So You Should  Ensure That You Extend A Simple Thank-You Whenever The Occasion Warrants It!

One Such Situation Where You Would Demonstrate Gratitude Is Right After A Job Interview. Now Add Video To This Scenario!

The image above is that of my daughter. She was twenty one at the time. And she had just graduated from university with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. In her initial quest to find a job she had an informal interview over the phone. The lady she spoke with had never met her. Danielle thanked the lady afterwards. But she did this via a video email! This is a great way to demonstrate gratitude! Watch the actual video. Then consider the five points.below.

Respect1) You Demonstrate Respect And Courtesy.

It is human nature to simply forget to demonstrate gratitude. So if you send a simple thank-you right after an interview, it is powerful! Because it conveys to the interviewer that you are appreciative. Now imagine conveying this appreciation through a video email like the one above!

Stand Out2) You Stand Out In Front Of Your Rivals.

Many job seekers forget to say thank you. But one should show appreciation to the person who conducted the interview. Because this presents a major opportunity! Plus you position yourself to stand out in front of your competition by extending a thank-you. So sending a video email trumps a written note!

Key Talent3) You Can Emphasize A Key Talent.

The situation may arise were you neglect to state a given talent. So follow up with a video clip. It gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. A video email improves your ability to mention this talent. Plus it can be very brief. So the point is, video content conveys more information!

Omission4) You Can Point Out Interview Omissions.

Now this did not happen with my daughter. But sometimes there may be something that you forgot to say in the interview. You may even feel a little frustrated by it. So a follow up thank-you can include the omission. A video will highlight this aspect. Because it is far more dramatic!

Communication5) You Exhibit Your Communication Abilities.

A video carries weight. It does so in terms of influence. It helps you in a indirect manner. You can improve your public speaking. In fact you can practice your diction and enunciation. Use the video email platform to do this! If you have this quality it does not hurt you! And you increase your employment chances.

So Always Be Aware Of The Power Of A Simple Thank-You! Demonstrate Gratitude With Video!

Note what happened after the lady spoke to my daughter. She purchased the video based platform that Danielle uses. However Danielle never mentioned anything about the platform. That is evident from her video. So this is an example of Attraction Marketing

Demonstrate Your Gratitude By Using The Video Based Platform My Daughter And I Use. Click The Product Overview Banner To Review And Start Enhancing Your Online Interaction! Contact Me With Any Queries.

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