Consider A Few Video Ideas For Online Marketing! (See Videos)

Video IdeasAre You Looking For A Few Video Ideas In Order To Enhance Your Online Presence?

If So, Continue Reading.  And Also View! Because The Video Ideas Presented In This Post Will Help You With Your Marketing Objectives!

Add The Platform Highlighted At The End of This Post To This Marketing Mix. Then These Seven Video Ideas Take On A New Dynamic!

Before you review the following video ideas, a quick comment! You will note that all the entities mentioned in this post have an affiliation with Vimeo. There are a number of video marketing tools to choose from in the market place today. I happen to use Talk Fusion. Furthermore this company offers a selection of video based applications that no other entity does. Plus it does so for an incredible price point! That aside, you will need access to a video based platform in order to implement any of these ideas!

1) Use The Social Media Platforms For Your Videos! 

Social networks like Facebook and YouTube are platforms that you cannot ignore. That certainly is the case if you really want to create a presence online. It is an informal way to get your message out to your audience. Plus it is a great way to build trust with your customers and prospects. Watch the following video by Hootsuite Enterprises which demonstrates this most important of video ideas, Social Media For Business.

2) Use Custom Designed Motion Graphics In This Case!

This terminology may be a little foreign. So the following video will explain this concept better than I can writing about it! On that note motion graphics add to a given message as opposed to detracting from it. In addition graphics are also very effective for complex topics. Plus they will engage your audience. So you can now find out what an Epipheo is! Note that Epipheo Studios is the production entity behind this video epiphany.

3) Time-lapse Video Content Can Be Very Dramatic! 

I am sure that this video by Preston Kanak will captivate you along with the title The RAW Time-lapse – Tutorial. This type of footage takes time as the camera must be on for long periods. It does not work in every circumstance. Plus, in order for it to produce the effects that it does, there must be some movement. The time factor will lead to higher production costs. But this video idea is a great way to engage your audience.

4) Use Video To Tell A Story About Your Product! 

The video clip in this paragraph features Stone Brewing Company and their beer, Stone Imperial Russian Stout. It is a fine example of how one can tell a story about their main product. Now this particular video may lack in sharing appeal, but the video concept is important. This type of production does not cost that much. But it is still a great way to engage your customers and prospects. So start telling your product story with video!

5) Derive A Video Idea From The Street! 

The Sehsucht entity is behind the following video titled, Google “Street View”. It presents content that requires a fair amount of planning. It required a team of video based talents. So this, no doubt, drove up the production cost. But you have to pay to play, as they say! In any case, it is video that engages its audience. The concepts are quite clever. And the result is rather effective in terms of what is going on at the street level.

6) Try Stop-Motion Animation Techniques! 

The following video by Sean Pecknold is very simplistic. But it is engages you and is titled New York Times Magazine – Year In Ideas. A well thought out strategy went into this concept. Plus it conveys a story in just twenty eight seconds. It is nice clip and you can share it with ease. Granted, putting this type of footage together takes time. Plus it can be expensive. So one may not have the resources to accommodate this concept.

7) Use Animation To Explain Complex Topics!

A video explanation is a great way to present a complex topic. So in fact, the viewer will most likely see information that written text obscures. The following video by Online MBA from Minute MBA highlights a dispute that occurred between Apple and Samsung. The dispute also involved an anti-Google campaign. Needless to say the legal aspects are rather complex. The video makes the message simple!

So Use Some, If Not All, Of These Video Ideas. Plus Add The Product Overview Applications To Your Video Marketing. I Highlight That Just Below! If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To Get In Touch With Me!

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