Real Estate Agents Are Starting To Use Video Messaging! (See Video)

Video MessagingOne Can Use Video Messaging In Numerous Business Settings.

This Post Highlights How Video Messaging Can Benefit The Real Estate Arena.

So If You happen To Be A Realtor Who Needs To Upgrade Your Communication Method Consider Adopting Video Messaging.

Realtors are discovering that video messaging is very effective. It is a great way to communicate with their clients. Watch the video just ahead. The company featured in the video, Casa Latino, uses Talk Fusion(Click Here to Access The Free Trial Page), for various video communication. Then quickly review the six methods that they use and that other real estate agents can deploy:

1)  Introducing Oneself

Introduce Yourself

Send a personal video email to a prospective client. It is an excellent way to establish a new relationship. Because video is the next best thing to face-to-face communication. Remember your client has to “buy” you first. That must occur before they do business with you! So make an impression by sending your prospect a video message! Because it is a great way to introduce yourself and to begin establishing your brand.

2)  Video Property Tours.

Property ToursVideo Chat is a video messaging app. So one uses it on all of the modern day devices. These include the Iphone, Ipad and Android devices. You can quickly send a branded video message. Plus you can send it directly to your prospects. Use it to take your client on a virtual property tour. You can highlight the exterior and interior features of a given home. So it really gives you a dramatic way to showcase a given property.

3)  Open House Events.

Open HouseYou can highlight an upcoming open house event. Do this by sending a video message to your clients. This will certainly draw attention to the function. On a statistical note, most people don’t read an entire written email. So a video is far more likely to get their attention. Plus it is far more memorable. It will increase your conversion rate. That means more of your clients and prospects will attend the event!

4) A Simple Thank-You.

Thank YouI cover this topic in another article. In that post I discuss this topic in terms of a job interview. It is obvious that the act of saying thank you extends to all kinds of social and business situations. In the real estate arena it is not uncommon to send a written “thank you” to a given client. That usually happens after you close a transaction. So don’t just send a note! Send a video message! Because it is far more personal.

5)  Client Testimonials

Client TestimonialsA written testimonial from a client is an excellent tool. So you should add them to your marketing arsenal. However capturing a video testimonial is more dramatic! Because it increases the impact of testimonial many times over. So ask your clients if they would be willing to do this. Offer a free incentive and provide them with simple guideline. Then have them state something good about the sales or purchasing experience for example.

6) Informing Your Clients.

InformingOn some occasions you may have specific information that you wish to share with your prospects. So an example of this would be a change in the market mortgage rate. Another could be about property tax. Regardless of what the details are, dispatching a video message is an effective strategy. You communicate with your prospects on a personal level. And this fosters relationships plus, on a final note, they appreciate that!

Video Messaging Is A Powerful Way To Communicate. Therefore Review The Product Overview Applications Highlighted Just Below. And Contact Me With Any Questions That Arise In The Meantime.

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Pitching Video Is A Great Online Marketing Strategy! Learn How!

Pitching VideoOne Often Associates The Word Pitch With Baseball! I Use To Pitch A Few Balls With My Son! Now, I’m Pitching Video!

To Be More Specific, Pitching Video Is A Process That Requires A Refined Approach!

Let’s Discuss The Art Of Pitching Video And Draw A Comparison To Baseball!

First Base.

First BaseWhen pitching video your first step is an introduction. The second is to state the reasons for your communication. Your goal is to capture the person’s attention within the first five seconds. For example, imagine that you are addressing an individual that you have previously met. Indicate this fact in your video pitch.

If you fail to accomplish this, your potential viewer will not watch the remainder of your clip. A simple but great way to open your introduction is to greet the person by their first name. This will always be attention getting. It generally does not come off as a marketing pitch either!

Second Base.

Second BaseFrom six seconds on, convey the essence of your video message. Remember that your viewer will always be concerned with what you are offering them. Are you able to satisfy that person’s needs? So you must demonstrate this throughout your video. If not, your prospect will move on to something else.

Highlight the value of what you are offering. Tell your viewer why he or she should consider it as a better option. Indicate how it might reduce costs. Plus you should demonstrate how to make a given process easier. Mention the time efficiency. Ultimately, make sure that you present facts. So convey them in a clear and concise manner.

Third Base.

Third BaseIf your viewer watches beyond five seconds, that is a good thing.  You have captured that person’s interest. But you need to provide them with some further assurances! You want them to feel that your offer is genuine. So make sure that your video includes examples that demonstrate your claims.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to add a few testimonials from other satisfied customers. Of course, the best testimonials should be video clips themselves! Another option is to provide your viewer with a case study. It could be a client who is now successful as a result of your offerings.

Home Plate.

Home PlateFinally end your video with a call-to-action. Note that this should not be a purchase request! Remember your prospect may be visiting your site for this first time! So you should focus on building a relationship at this stage. Internet marketing is not about creating invisible customers!

It is about establishing relationships. To be quite frank, I think the world wide web is a fantastic platform for doing just that! So approach pitching video in this manner. It definitely will lead to more success. Therefore, you should offer your viewer “free value“. On that note, review the video based platform below.

Pitching Video The Correct Way Will Lead To Hitting It Out Of The Park! So Enhance This With The Product Overview Applications And Take Your Video Marketing To A New Level. And Contact Me With Questions!

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