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Dear Friend, welcome to my web page about a unique video marketing software platform,

Special OfferMy name is F Michael Furbert and I have been a keen online marketer since 2010. Over this period I have assisted a number of individuals and small businesses with their video marketing software requirements. They essentially have made use of My Video Based Platform to promote just about anything. That includes traditional businesses, charities and direct selling concerns. Now you have the option to put this platform through its paces FREE over the next 30 days! Note too that you do not require a credit card! Video content simply is a very effective way to communicate. It is component that you cannot afford to ignore when it comes to effective online marketing in any capacity.

Red Down ArrowsSo on that note I invite you to Sign Up For My FREE 10 Part Video Newsletter Series. The first newsletter provides you with the product overview. The next five cover each feature individually. As stated these video based applications are ideal for promoting a traditional business or a charity. Review all ten newsletters if you are a network marketer. Or do so or if you are about to start a direct selling business. You will get access to the “One Main Factor” guidelines which is a specific “success strategy”! You will receive one video newsletter each day but have immediate access to all ten. Also read my "marketing with video" articles for more information, (links bottom of page) and thank you for your interest!

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What You Will Receive:

  • A description regarding each of the video applications on offer. You can use this to stir your imagination regarding the use of video content on your site.
  • Links to articles that provide you with guidelines and resources. This information will help you to use this video marketing software the best way.
  • A 10 part video newsletter series designed like the one you will receive which you can use on your website. Furthermore, I will assist you with this aspect firsthand.
  • Important tips showing you how to create video content that captures your viewer's attention plus prompts them to take action!
  • A guideline to incorporating this video marketing software into your core business. I can then show you how to create a second passive revenue stream from it!
  • Assistance regarding the business opportunity associated with this platform. That will entail outlining the best ways to set goals for yourself.
  • The step-by-step process for gaining new prospects and customers. You you will derive these guidelines from a very successful network marketer! 
  • A personal "goal ladder' that gives you a road map to achieve financial freedom from this video marketing software! 
  • And much, much more.

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