A Video Resume Stands Out More Than A Written One! (See Video)

Video ResumeA Video Resume May Not Be An Option That A Lot Of Recruitment Agencies Use.

In Fact, Many Of These Entities May Be Behind The Times. That is True In Terms Of Using The Video Resume Feature!

Recruitment Agency Or Not, Why Not Use This Feature Yourself. It Will Trump Your Competition! So Impress Your Audience With A Video Resume!

This Company Is Catching On.

StrategySeveral recruitment agencies are requesting video resumes from job seekers. The Canadian company, Actyl, is one such recruitment agency. And they are using this strategy. First they supply job hopefuls with a script. Then they record an initial draft. Then they edit that version. Once done, one has a polished video resume.

Now you may ask what does one say in the video. The answer is simple. You provide the same details that you would in a written resume. However, with a video you are able to establish an emotional link. That is your objective. You do this by conveying a relaxed manner and appearing confident.

Believe In Your Strengths. 

ComponentsYou must start by having a strong belief in yourself. It is one of the key components in portraying confidence. You must convey that you are the best applicant for the position in question. It is no good if you do not believe that. The company won’t believe it either if you don’t! So you must convey this element.

So they encourage candidates to create an enthusiastic presentation. Because highlighting their talents and previous employment does not accomplish this alone! You must demonstrate passion and energy. Your personality needs to shine through. You can get an idea from the following clip:

The Actual Ingredients Needed.

ActualThe above clip is not an exact example of a video resume. However it demonstrates some of the actual ingredients. I make reference to them in the previous paragraph. The video is one of my daughter, Danielle. It does represent an actual situation. And it occurred right after she graduated from university.

I also referred to this same video in another article. That post is about sending a simple thank-you. So this is just another component that can be present. As stated one conveys a number of aspects. The video highlights all of them. Of course, I am quite proud of her too! That is apparent from my writing, not the video.

What You Should Convey.

ConveyA video resume should begin as follows. The applicant states his or her name. The person should convey their overall objective. Then he or she should reference their academic qualifications. One should also refer to any relevant job experience. The opening statement should be attention getting. That is the case right from the start.

The individual should indicate other key experiences too. They should point out why they are the ideal candidate for the job. Note that the emotional connection happens as one conveys this information. One also demonstrates their ability to speak clearly. One should make sure to back up all comments with written statements.

What You Should Point Out.

Be AwareCertain things are immediately apparent. That is one of the benefits you get from a video. In this case you can see that the person is young. The person looks like someone who has recently graduated from college. One could draw another visual conclusion too. The number years this person has worked must be minimal! 

The person in the video should be aware of this. He or she should display their strengths. They should highlight what they bring to the table. He or she should refer to aspects that are relevant. Age and experience should factor into these aspects. Exaggeration is out of the question! Video and written content should be in sync.

The Ultimate Platform To Use.

UltimateNow this article is not just directed at recruitment agencies. However there is nothing preventing an individual from doing this on their own. One can certainly practice these skills at their leisure. Remember practice makes perfect! Simply turn on the camera and start. Produce a video resume that you can send anywhere!

I happen to use an excellent video based platform. Talk Fusion is its name. The video email feature that they offer is second to none. You should consider the information just below too. That platform provides some very good guidelines. It will compliment your video marketing arsenal.

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